National UFO Reporting Center
Daily Posting for Sunday, October 5, 1997
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1)  Phoenix, AZ, at 2345 hrs. (PDT) on Saturday, October 04, 1997

A young man, who works security at a tavern, was walking through the parking lot of the establishment where he works, when he noticed a very brightly lighted object, “ten to twenty times the size of a star,” streak across the sky.  It streaked through an arc that the observer estimated to equal about two or three times the diameter of a full moon.

The object did not look like a “shooting star,” many of which the man has observed in his lifetime.  He noted that the object seemed to “start and stop” very suddenly, and the entire observation lasted for about 1-2 seconds.

The caller emphasized the very bizarre nature of the object.  It appeared “like a camera flash,” and “looked like something out of hyperspace.”

The caller later called a live radio program in Phoenix on Sunday, October 05, and repeated his description for the audience.  His second description was indistinguishable from his first description to the National UFO Reporting Center.  He seemed quite sincere, and his description was quite precise.