National UFO Reporting Center
Daily Posting for Thursday, October 2, 1997
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1)  Princess Ann, MD, at 1900 hrs. (EDT) on Thursday, October 02, 1997

A young man, formerly in the U. S. Navy,  was walking home from the local post office at “twilight,” when he notices four very bright, unusual looking lights in the sky “sixty five degrees up.”  They were the “size of stars,” and they suddenly disappeared from sight after hovering in the sky for approximately 30 seconds.

2)  Washington, D.C., at 2017 hrs. (EDT) on Thursday, October 02, 1997

A man was standing on the roof of his apartment building to see the Russian space craft, “Mir,” pass overhead.  Shortly after “Mir” had been witnessed going overhead by the caller, he and another adult male noticed two bright orange lights approaching from the southeast.  The lights appeared to be “moving  up and down, and moving relative to each other,” as they got closer to the observer’s location.

Suddenly, both men witnessed a second group of “three or four” similar looking object in a cluster approaching from the same area of the sky the first group had come from.

Each group of objects was visible for approximately 45-60 seconds. The lights in each formation were approximately the size of bright stars.