National UFO Reporting Center
Daily Posting for Wednesday, October 01, 1997
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1)  Dubois, WY, AT 0525 hrs. (MDT) on Wednesday, October 01, 1997

A man, trained as an engineer, was leaving his home in Dubois, WY, at 0515 hrs. to go elk hunting with his son.  As he was walking out of his home in the early morning., he noticed a bright light in the north-northwest sky, 15-20 degrees elevation, moving across the sky from west to east at a very high velocity.  I traversed approximately 10 degrees of arc in just a few seconds.  The object slowed, executed a “button-hook” turn, and then stopped in the northwest sky at approximately 340 degrees azimuth from the observer’s location.  The father and sons observed the object for several minutes with their hunting binoculars, while it remained hovering motionless in the sky, and gave off amber, blue-green, and red light.

At approximately 0610, the father and son arrived at their elk hunting location near “Long Creek,” and witnessed a second time what they felt was the same object in the northern sky.  They observed the object for several minutes with binoculars, and confirmed that the object was moving left and right,  relative to several prominent trees on the northern horizon.

2)  Omaha, NB, at 1930 hrs. (CDT) on Sunday, September 14, 1997

A man and wife video-taped three “disc-shaped” objects in the evening sky for six minutes while at Campbell Lake, near Omaha, NB.  The first object appeared to “fire a missile” to the west, after which it approached the couple, near enough that they could observe “three windows” on the object.  (Update:  Peter Davenport and Robert J. Gribble of the National UFO Reporting Center viewed the tape, provided by the photographer and his wife.  Neither Davenport nor Gribble witnessed anything that appeared to them to be definitive evidence of a UFO.  They felt the objects most resembled the “contrails” formed by jet aircraft at high altitude.  Dr. Jack Casher, at the University of Nebraska, disagrees with that conclusion, but he does not know what the objects are.)

3)  Eugene, OR, at 2145 hrs. (PDT) on Wednesday, September 30, 1997

Two women observe a very bright, distinctly yellow,  object, “as big as a full moon,” to the east of their residence in Eugene, OR.  They were so intrigued by the object, that they returned to their apartment to don coats, at which point, they walked two blocks to follow it as it moved to the north.  The object suddenly just disappeared from their sight.

4)  San Francisco, CA, on Friday, September 12, 1997 (Time unknown.)

A professional photographer completes a photography session at Twin Peaks in San Francisco, CA.  Approximately two weeks later, he edits the video tape, and notices a dark streak across the screen.  Slowing the film considerably, he notices three disc-shaped object flying horizontally in formation behind his photography subject.  He offers to send a copy of the tape to the National UFO Reporting Center.

5)  Woodbury, TN, at 2145 hrs. (EDT) on Wednesday, October 01, 1997

A law-enforcement agency reports having received two UFO reports in rapid sequence.  One of the observers calls and reports a very bright, multi-colored object in the northeast sky, which is is 30 degrees above the horizon, and moving around the sky “more than the diameter of a pie-pan held at arm’s length.”  When asked if the object could be a planet or twinkling star, the caller assures that it could not be because of its dramatic movement across the sky.

Officers were dispatched to the caller’s location, but reported that they saw nothing unusual.

(Update:  Witness calls on October 02, and reports that the object is visible again in the night sky.  He avers that the object might be a celestial object.)