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NUFORC has posted to its website, as of this date, all recently received reports of sightings.  Given the volume of interesting reports we have been receiving recently, we are attempting to post new reports as quickly as we can.  We also posted new reports on June 03rd, 12th, and 20th

Given our haste in posting these reports, we may have overlooked cases which are flawed, or for which there may be a commonplace explanations.  One logical possibility is an over-flight of the International Space Station (“ISS”), which is reported frequently over our telephone Hotline, as well as via our Online Report Form  Whether a given report can be ascribed to an over-flight of the ISS can be explored at the website,, by entering the name of the nearest city to the witness, and checking to see whether the ISS could have been seen from the witness’s location on the date, and at the time, indicated in the report.  If NUFORC has overlooked sightings of the ISS, we would welcome a note from anyone finding such a possible case in our database of sighting reports.  Please send a note to, and we will label the sighting report appropriately.


NUFORC continues to receive an inordinately large number of alleged sightings of peculiar red, orange, amber, gold, or yellow “fireballs,”  This is a phenomenon that first came to our attention in late June 2010, and numerous sighting reports have been submitted to our Center frequently, since that time.  We do not know what the objects are, although a few of the cases have been ascribed to launches of so-called “Chinese lanterns.”  However, the information available to us here at NUFORC strongly suggests that only a small fraction of the cases of “fireballs” in the nighttime sky can be ascribed to such terrestrial pyrotechnic devices. If any of the visitors to our website has been witness to the phenomena we have posted, or to others, which are not posted on our site, we would be most grateful if they would please submit reports of their respective sightings, using our Online Report Form.


JAMES E. CLARKSON, experienced UFO investigator, and frequent guest speaker at UFO conferences across the U. S., will host Peter Davenport on internet radio, in order to discuss the “fireball” phenomenon.  Jim and Peter will host a highly skilled eyewitness to the dramatic sightings off the coast of South Carolina on June 08th, who is adamant that what he, and other house guests had witnessed that night, were not any type of terrestrial pyrotechnic device. The report, submitted by the witness, can be read here.  Other reports from the same evening from nearby locations can be read here.   The internet-based radio program can be heard live by going to, and then clicking on “Epic.”  Call-in’s to the program will begin at 6:30 p.m. (Pacific).

Posted by Peter Davenport, NUFORC Director, on Monday afternoon, June 27th, 2011.


NUFORC has received so many interesting reports, recently, we are rushing to get them posted to our website as quickly as possible.  Hence, there may be flaws present among some of the reports we have posted over the last two weeks.  If readers encounter errors, or sightings that they believe can be explained by terrestrial events, we request that they send us notification of those cases.  We will correct our oversights in our next update.

REPORTS OF STRANGE FIREBALLS CONTINUE UNABATED -On several occasions over the last ten months, we have posted statements about the interesting reports NUFORC has been receiving of red, orange, amber, and yellow “fireballs.”  Although we have received, over the last seventeen years, infrequent reports of this type, the pace of these reports appears to have accelerated dramatically, beginning in approximately late June 2010. 

Some members of the UFO community have suggested that all of the reports are the result of “Chinese lanterns,” powered by a candle or small pyrotechnic device, which have been released at celebrations, and which rise slowly in the night sky.  Although we have discovered a few reports that appear to have been the result of such events, the majority of the cases reported to our Center seem to us to be inconsistent with this explanation.  We copy below links to sighting reports appearing on our website, which we think best illustrate the issue of these peculiar “fireballs.” 

DEER ISLE/ORLAND, MAINE, SATURDAY, MAY 21ST, 2011, @ 20:51 HRS. (EDT) - A woman, driving on Highway 15 (?), witnessed two peculiar lights, which were followed by five more.  Other cars had stopped on the roadway, presumably to get a better look at them.  The lights were below cloud level, according to the witness, who seemed to us to be an exceptionally capable witness.  (We are convinced that this report had nothing to do with the world-wide prank that occurred on May 22nd, which encouraged people to submit bogus UFO reports to organizations like NUFORC, regarding alleged sightings of 7-9 yellow lights.)  Full Report

HIGH ROCK LAKE, NORTH CAROLINA, JUNE 03RD, 2011, @ 21:30 HRS. (EDT)) -Two adult males witness a peculiar, and very bright, orange light, which appeared to rotate.  A short time, later, they witness two more orange lights, which appear to rotate in unison.  One witness was a former U. S. Navy aircraft mechanic, who appeared to us to be an exceptionally capable observer. Full Report

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 08, 2011 @ 21:30 HRS. (EDT) -A group of seven adult witnesses see multiple orange-colored lights over the ocean for over half an hour.  Some of the objects appeared to the observers to move at extremely high speed.  See other similar reports for the same date. Full Report

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 08, 2011 @ 21:30 HRS. (EDT)) - A group of four adults report witnessing approximately 30 orange lights over the ocean.  See other similar reports for the same date. Full Report

HOLDEN BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 08, 2011 @ 22:00 HRS. (EDT) -Two adults witness multiple lights over the ocean to the east of the mainland.  Full Report 

LEWISTON, PENNSYLVANIA, FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2011, @ 21:22 HRS. (EDT) -Two adult witnesses observed a peculiar orange-colored object, which appeared to the witnesses to have three red “points of light” attached to it. Full Report

LAFAYETTE, OHIO, SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 2011, @ 23:00 HRS. (EDT)) -Three witnesses observe a peculiar orange light move overhead slowly.  Full Report

If anyone has an explanation for these events, which have been reported to our Center from around the world, we would welcome communications on the subject.  Alternatively, if there are visitors to our website who have been witness to the events, we would be most grateful if the witnesses would please submit reports of their sightings, using our Online Report Form.   

Posted on Sunday night, June 12, 2011, by Peter Davenport, NUFORC Director.

NEW REPORTS POSTED ON THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2011 - NUFORC has posted approximately 165 newly submitted, or amended, reports, received by Thursday afternoon, May 12, 2011.  A few of the reports that caught our attention are described below:  

BAYFIELD, COLORADO, SUNDAY, MAY 08TH, 2011 @ 22:30 HRS. (Mountain) - Four witnesses observe a diamond-shaped object, exhibiting a peculiar pattern of lights on its ventral surface, pass overhead their campsite.  Approximately ninety minutes later, a similar object was observed to fly a similar path through the sky.  Full Report  See Image at Right.

BARNESVILLE, OHIO, SUNDAY, MAY 08TH, 2011 @ 21:23 HRS. (Eastern) -A group of thirteen people witness a strange cluster of 12 bright orange lights move across the sky at high speed. Full Report   See Image Below.   (We express our gratitude to the Times Leader newspaper for use of the photograph.  There may be a discrepancy in the date in the report, and on the photograph, but we believe that the correct date is May 08, 2011.)

NEW BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, MAY 08TH, 2011 @ 22:15 HRS. (Eastern) -Two witnesses observe 12 amber lights in the nighttime sky, drifting below solid overcast. Full Report

POTTSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, MAY 11TH, 2011 @ 10:05 HRS. (Eastern) - A man (former military) driving on Route 61 describes witnessing an object pass overhead at very high velocity, at which time the electronics in his car fail.  Several other cars on the highway apparently experienced similar effects, given that they were observed by the witness to be stopped on the roadway, as well. Full Report  

Posted by Peter Davenport, Director, on Thursday evening, May 12th, 2011.


NUFORC has posted approximately 370 new, and amended, reports to its database, as of May 2nd.  Given that the reports often are screened and proof-read under time pressure, there is always the possibility that we may have overlooked flawed reports.  Hence, as you read the reports, please be on the lookout for reports which are defective, or for which there is an obvious explanation of terrestrial origin.  If you encounter what you believe is a defective report, please send a message to, and we will either amend, or delete, the errant report as quickly as we can. Some of the posted reports that have captured our attention are the following:

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, APRIL 30, 2011, @ 23:40 HRS. (Pacific) - A man, standing on a roof top near downtown Seattle, witnesses two formations of dimly lit objects appear from behind a cloud, and streak overhead to the northeast.  The witness has supplied the rendering below.  Full Report


SAEGERTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, APRIL 30, 2011, @ 22:20 HRS. (Eastern) - A man and woman witness a blue-tinted object fly past them at very high speed.  During their sighting, they discerned a sound, which they thought emanated from the object.  Also, they report that power failed locally, and that the lights of a nearby automobile apparently went out momentarily, as well.  Full Report

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS, SUMMER 2000 @ 21:00 HRS. (Central) - A group of men witness a distinctly amber-colored light streak across the beach, covering approximately 45 degrees of arc in approximately eight seconds.  Full Report  Detailed Graphics Provided by Witnesses

RED, ORANGE, AND YELLOW LIGHTS AND “FIREBALLS” CONTINUE TO BE REPORTED - During the summer of 2010, NUFORC suddenly began receiving quite a number of reports of red, orange, and yellow “fireballs,” for which there seems to be no adequate explanation.  Some of those cases may have involved pyrotechnic devices, e.g. “Chinese” lanterns, which typically are launched from ground level at parties and celebrations.  However, not all of the cases we have received, over the last ten months, or so, can be ascribed to such devices, given that some of them appear to move against the prevailing “winds aloft,” as reported by the Federal Aviation Administration Flight Service Stations, or by the National Weather Service.  Some of the more interesting reports of these “fireballs” can be accessed here:  Report 1  Report 2   Report 3  Report 4  Report 5  Report 6   Report 7    If you witness such a display of lights, we would be most grateful if you would please report the sighting, using the Online Report Form on our website.  Please include your location, at the time of the sighting, as well as the angle of elevation, how many objects were witnessed, how long they were visible, and any other data that would help another person understand what the sighting looked like.  Also, we recommend that you contact local news media, i.e. radio, television, and newspaper offices, to report the event to them, and to inquire whether their offices received reports from other witnesses.  Thank you!

POSTED:  Monday night, May 02nd, 2011, by Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center.


The NUFORC database of sighting reports has been updated, as of Sunday night, April 3rd, 2011.  We have attempted to identify and remove prank reports, or reports involving sightings of objects of terrestrial origin, but we suspect that many flawed reports may have slipped through our filter.  Hence, we invite visitors to our site to be on the lookout for defective reports, reports that contain profanity, or reports of objects that appear to be something other than genuine UFO’s.  If you find a report, please send a short e-mail to, and we will review the report in question, at our earliest convenience.


Peter Davenport is one of the scheduled speakers at the Ozark UFO Conference, so he will be absent from the National UFO Reporting Center for several days, in order to be at the conference.  For more information about the conference, please visit their website at   During his absence from the Center, Peter will attempt to monitor calls to the Hotline, and a volunteer assistant will check it sporadically, as well.  If you witness what you believe may have been a UFO, we would be most grateful if you would refrain from using the telephone Hotline, and submit a detailed written report, using our On-line Report Form, located on here at our website.  Thank you!

UPDATE TO GOLDTHWAITE, TEXAS CASE (See below on page for original porting)

The marks on the ground at a farm site in Goldthwaite, Texas, have been investigated by Teresa Turner, MUFON “Star Team” Investigator, and Deputy Director for Documentation.  Following her investigation of the incident, she has concluded that the marks in the ground, first reported by the property owner, were caused by men driving trucks on the farm.  Ms. Turner’s follow-up report to NUFORC can be read here.  We express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Turner, and to Mr. Fletcher Gray, MUFON Texas Assistant State Director, for their effort in investigating, and resolving, this case. 


The witness to a UFO sighting in Lebanon submitted the two drawings below.   Full Report


NUFORC just posted approximately 220 newly received reports to its website.  We did not have the time to proof-read the reports as carefully as we like to do, so we again invite guests to our site to be on the look-out for flawed reports, or oversights on the part of our proofreading staff.  Please let us know if you encounter a report that is an obvious hoax, or which addresses a phenomenon of known terrestrial origin. Two of the reports which caught our special attention are the following:

FT. BRAGG, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, MARCH 03RD, 2011, @ 2100 HRS. (PST) - An experienced sea captain, a “cum laude” graduate of the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point, New York, witnessed a very strange, triangular-shaped object pass almost directly overhead.  The object was seen by the witness to eject a second, smaller object from its right side.  Full Report  Two images supplied by the witness are shown below.

NOTE:  The witness of this object will be a featured guest on the Jeff Rense Radio Program at 9:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Thursday, March 10, 2011

WEST SPRINGFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA, TUESDAY, MARCH 08TH, 2011, @ 2100 HRS. (EST)A nurse and another adult witness observed a very strange looking, rapidly moving, triangular object over a neighbor’s nearby home.  The object suddenly flipped so its “wings” were vertical, and disappeared at high speed.  Full Report 

click image to enlarge

 Update posted by Peter Davenport, Director, at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday night, March 10, 2011.


We have posted approximately 80 new reports to our database.  As you read the reports, please be on the look-out for obvious errors in the reports, and for oversights on our part in our efforts at editing and proofreading.

We have been receiving a heavy volume of reports about 1) the star, Sirius, in the southern evening sky; 2) Venus, which currently is quite bright in the early morning eastern sky; and 3) evening sightings of the International Space Station.  Before you submit a report, please be sure that you aren’t viewing one of these objects.  Because Sirius is so vividly colorful, and because it flickers and appears to hop around in the night sky, people frequently fail to identify it properly.  Our Center receives, we estimate, between 100 and 200 reports of Sirius, and almost as many reports of Venus, every month.  It would lighten the workload at the Center if people would exercise a modicum of common sense, before reporting these celestial bodies as “UFOs.”

The schedule for over-flights of the International Space Station, as well as the Space Shuttle, can be obtained at  In addition, that site has information about other orbiting objects, including the dramatic “flares” in the night sky caused by Iridium satellites.  If you haven’t witnessed any of these objects or events, we invite everyone to view a few of them, in order to become familiar with what these commonplace events look like.


We have posted 117 new, and newly revised, reports to our website, as of this date.  We have done our best to either eliminate, or properly label, those report which, in our opinion, are not reports of genuine UFOs, but it is very difficult, even impossible, for us to know for sure. 

Also, if you encounter reports in our database for which you might have a possible explanation, or which might be flawed, please send a note to, and we will amend the report.  Please be on the lookout for reports that contain any of the following:

1)     Accidental inclusion of names of, or other personal information about, the sources of the reports
2)     Obviously hoaxed reports
3)     Profanity or vulgarity of any kind
4)     Reports of celestial bodies, e.g. “twinkling” stars, planets, or other celestial objects or events
5)     Over-flights of the International Space Station, or of other orbiting objects.

Here are a few of the reports that have attracted our attention:


A young boy witnesses a bright, circular object that apparently was tracking a high-altitude airliner, as the latter flew across the northern sky, heading from east to west.  The young observer called the object to his father’s attention, who also witnessed the object with his naked eye, and who then instructed his son to run for the camera.  Full Report  Photo below copyrighted by photographer, “K.W."


A woman wakes up and looks out the window of her farmhouse, when she suddenly notices for the first time two concentric circles in the soil in her farmyard.  Full Report  Pictures below:



Approximately 15-20 witnesses observe a cluster of red-colored objects drift across the night sky.  One of the witnesses captured video of the event, and submitted a written report, which arrived after we had posted newly received reports.   We cannot rule out the possibility that the lights may be some type of pyrotechnic devices, launched, perhaps, from a Friday night celebration.  The limited movement of the objects makes us question whether the objects were genuine UFOs.  We would welcome additional reports from those individuals, who might have been witness to the event, which may help us determine what the objects were. 

Text of witness’s unedited report: 

100 Date: 02/18/11

110 Time: 20:45

120 Duration: 15-30 Minutes

130 Sighting City: Tallahassee

140 Sighting State: fl

150 Sighting Zip: 32312

160 Sighting County: Leon

170 Witnesses: 10-15

172 Shape: Circle

168 Number of Craft: 20-30

180 Description: Multiple orange glowing lights over Tallahassee, FL

190 Description: It was around 8:45 when my and my friend walked out of Fuzions Frozen Yogurt on Kerry Forest Parkway in Tallahassee, FL.  The objects were coming from the Southwest area.  They were orange and circular, and they were just a little bit bigger than the stars in the sky.   They were also brighter than the stars.  I immediately took out my phone and started recording it.  There was about 10 of us standing in the parking lot watching them.  A police officer was standing on the sidewalk next to us but when we tried to ask her what the lights were she just ignored us, got in her car, and started talking on her radio while looking at them.  They first appeared on the tree-line in a tight group, then they started spreading out and moving in different directions.  They were all going the same speed and the same relative direction, but they were probably at different altitudes because they were spreading out and moving apart.  Some were brighter than others.  I didn't stay to see the whole thing, but on the way home there were a lot of cops on my road.  There were probably about six or seven cars, with about 10-20 people standing around watching them search.  It seemed like they were looking around in the woods but I was trying to pay attention to the road, so I didn't see much.  I am 16 years old and I attend Chiles High School.  I wouldn't have contacted your organization unless I was very concerned, and I'm not trying to waste your time.  I'm an honor student with a 3.77 GPA and I'm taking a video production class.  The video I took was low quality because it was on my phone, but you can clearly see the lights in the sky.  The crowd at the frozen yogurt store was made up of two moms with their children, a few old women, and a police officer, along with the other customers in the store.  My friend refused to write a report because he wasn't paying attention and thought that I was just being paranoid.

400 Lights On Object: Yes

420 Aura: Yes



The reports that NUFORC has received since January 05th are posted to our site, as of the evening of January 31st We provide below links to a few of the reports that we found to be of particular interest:

NEW YORK STATE (IN-FLIGHT SIGHTING), @ 18:45 HRS. (EST), TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2011 - Two experienced pilots, flying a Cessna Citation 550 executive jet from New Haven, Connecticut, to Buffalo, New York, witness a very unusual object almost directly ahead of their aircraft.  They contact New York Center, inquiring whether Center has the object on radar, and if the Air Traffic Controllers know what it is.  The crew is informed that nothing appears on radar.  The aircraft, flying at approximately 20,000’ altitude, passes the bizarre looking object, which appeared to the pilot and co-pilot to be hovering motionless.  The reports from the pilot and co-pilot can be read here: Full Report 1   Full Report 2 

LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA, @ 17:30 HRS. (PST), MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 2011 - A very experienced aviation (A & P) mechanic, who works as a supervisor in the maintenance of advanced turbine engines, hears what he thought was a turbine-powered aircraft fly low overhead.  He looks up to identify the aircraft, but is shocked to see nothing, until three amber/orange lights appear in that area of the sky where the sound seemed to emanate from.  Full Report

HOUSTON, TEXAS, @ 15:50 HRS. (CST), MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 2011 - A passenger in an aircraft approaching Houston, Texas, witnesses a very peculiar object apparently projecting out of the tops of high-altitude clouds.  Full Report

NEVADA/ARIZONA BORDER (IN-FLIGHT SIGHTING) @ 14:30 HRS. (MST), SUNDAY, JANUARY 16, 2011 - A passenger witnesses a white, shiny, disc streak by the commercial aircraft he was on, passing the airliner in approximately three seconds.  Its apparent size was approximately equal to the apparent size of a dime, held at arm’s length.  Full Report

LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA, @ 19:30 HRS and 21:40 HRS. (PST), THURSDAY, JANUARY 06, 2011 - Many witnesses, located generally in the area of Lake Elsinore, witness a very bright light, or cluster of lights, descending rapidly, and apparently vertically.  The lights separate, slow, and continue to remain illuminated as they continue to descend more slowly.  Multiple reports of this incident can be accessed in our reports for January 2011.   ((NUFORC NOTE:  This incident was reported by local news media to have been a nighttime parachute jump by the U. S. Army’s demonstration parachute team, the Golden Knights.  However, that report appears to be inaccurate.  Senior personnel at the headquarters of the Blue Knights at Fort Bragg report that they had no members of either of their two teams in California, on the date in question.  Both teams were at their training location in Florida.  If anyone can identify the individuals, or the parachute club, that made the jumps, we would very much like to hear from those people.  This incident remains a mystery to us.  Thank you!!  PD))

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA - Since approximately 2003, our Center has received many dozens of sightings of unidentified lights, seen hovering over the ocean, to the east and south of Myrtle Beach, SC.  We have no specific reason to suspect that the sightings are UFO-related, but we would like to know what phenomenon is causing the frequent reports.  If anyone knows what is causing the reports, we would be most grateful for a telephone call or e-mail, providing us with a lead to the cause.  The many reports our Center has received can be read amongst the cases for South Carolina 


We would like to call to the attention of visitors to our site the many reports our Center has received recently of red, orange, or yellow lights, or “fireballs.”   A quick overview of these reports can be achieved by simply scrolling down the reports for November and December 2010, as well as of the reports NUFORC has received since January 1st.  Of particular interest, in our opinion, are those reports we received on New Year’s Eve from the following states:  Florida, Alaska, California, Utah, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, and Texas.  Many of the people who called our Center about those sightings seemed to us to be unusually credible witnesses, so we suspect that the material in those reports is quite accurate and reliable.    

We first called the phenomenon of peculiar “fireballs” to the attention of the public, and to the UFO community, last summer.  At that time, our Center was inundated with reports of unidentified “fireballs,” which allegedly appeared individually, in pairs, triplets, and up to many dozens of similarly appearing objects.  We do not know what those objects were, and, as well, we do not know what the objects were that have been reported to us within the last week.  However, we do not believe that they are pyrotechnic devices of terrestrial origin, e.g. either flares, or so-called “Chinese lanterns,” given the peculiar, and often sudden, manners in which the “fireballs” are frequently seen to move. 

If you witness in the future, or you have been witness in the past, to objects similar to those reported here, we would like to invite you to submit a written report, using the Online Report Form found on this website.  Please include all of the details surrounding your sighting, to include 1) your location at the time of the sighting; 2) the time and date; 3) the direction and angle of elevation at which you were looking; 4) the number of objects, and what they did; and 5) the number of witnesses who may have been present with you, at the time of the event, and 6) any other information that seems pertinent to such a report.  We would be happy to post your report(s).


NUFORC has taken an interest in the three recent reports of peculiar deaths of large number of birds, the first of which apparently occurred sometime on January 1st.  We are intrigued by the preliminary reports, which suggest that the cause of death in the case of the Beebe, Arkansas, event apparently was “blunt force trauma,” and that no other causative factor has been identified, to date.  Given the large area over which the affected birds were distributed, it is difficult for us to imagine how the die-off could have been caused by an aircraft, lightning, or any meteorological event that we can imagine.    If anyone who lives in the general areas of those events was witness to anything out of the ordinary, we would very much like to have reports submitted about those sightings.


We will be adding more information to our homepage, over the next week, or so.  Most of all, out of our desire to improve the quality of written reports, submitted to our Center, we are going to post a guideline, describing what we would like to see included in all written reports.  We observe that the quality of reports could be improved dramatically, if people would take just a few minutes to survey their reports, before submitting them, and we are going to introduce new guidelines for preparation of those reports.

Posted by Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC, on the evening of Wednesday, January 5th, 2011. 


We have received many comments and complaints about the long delay in posting reports received since out last posting on August 30th.  We apologize for the delay!  We are in the process of moving into a new facility, out of which we should be operating by the end of this month.  The facility offers substantially more space than we currently have, which will allow us to organize our files and activities to a greater degree than we currently enjoy.  The move has taken, and will continue to take, a considerable amount of our time, but it should be completed by the end of this week.  The acquisition of the new facility, and the move, have taken the bulk of our time, over the last six weeks, which has cut in to the amount of time that we have had for proofreading reports. 

We have proofread, and posted, 1,367 new reports, received since August 30th .  There is a high likelihood that we have failed to properly delete items such as profanity, personal data, reports of celestial bodies, meteors, satellites, and the like.  Hence, if visitors to our site notice reports that we have failed to properly proofread or label, or which contain personal information or profanity, we would request that they call the error to our attention with an e-mail to and we will correct the error quickly. 

We list below a few of the more interesting reports that NUFORC has received, over the last several months:

PRESCOTT, AZ, AUGUST 18, 2010 - NUFORC received a telephoned message from the Prescott, AZ, Flight Service Station, which is operated by Lockheed-Martin Corp., under contract to the Federal Aviation Administration.  The person who called our Center stated that their facility had received a radio communication from a military helicopter (Tactical call sign “Dragon 11”), apparently flying in the vicinity of Prescott, in which the crew described having a metallic-looking disc fly by their aircraft at an estimated altitude of 5,500 feet.  To listen to the message, please click here.  NUFORC immediately submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for the audio communication, and the request was rejected.  To read the rejection letter, please click here.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, OCTOBER 14, 2010 - A Canadian astronomer reported witnessing three peculiar square, copper-colored objects passing overhead at high speed.  The case has been forwarded to Mr. Chris Rutkowski, Canadian UFO investigator in Edmonton, and Mr. Gavin McCleod of the UFO*BC group in Vancouver, B.C..  Full Report

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, JULY 4TH, 1947 - A gentleman, who currently serves as a Research Archeologist for the MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, describes a sighting of a strange disc he experienced in Seattle.  He is a professional artist, and has volunteered to submit an illustration of what the object looked like.  Full Report 

We will be posting more information, and several illustrations to the NUFORC homepage during the next several days. 

Posted by Peter Davenport, Director, on November 21, 2010.


In preparation for Peter Davenport’s appearance on the Jeff Rense Radio Program on Monday night, August 30, at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific), we have updated our database of Sighting Reports, such that listeners to that program will be able to see the latest reports.  We feature below two sightings, which we feel are particularly interesting.

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2010, AT 06:45 HRS. - A young man, who was video-taping the sky for time-lapse analysis of clouds, captures a 3-second image of a small object which streaks across the sky in a straight line.  Full Report    He was kind enough to share his video tape of the object: video courtesy AmpleLight of Naperville Illinois.

KENT, WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 11, 2010, AT 01:00 HRS. - A man steps out of his truck at his place of employment, and sees an object passing overhead in the sky.  His initial reaction was that it was a conventional aircraft, but he quickly realized that it was a triangular-shaped craft.  He estimates that it was visible for approximately 10 seconds.  Full Report  The illustration he provided of the object can be seen below.


Posted by Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, Monday night, August 30, 2010.


We have posted to our website approximately 500 newly received reports.  Thanks to many folks who have read reports posted on prior dates, we have amended, or deleted, a number of those reports.  We express our gratitude to those people who have been generous in sharing their views on specific cases, and we hope that visitors to our site will continue to be on the alert for cases that do not pertain to authentic sightings of UFO’s.  We suspect that there probably are many reports in the database, which are not about “bona fide” UFO’s, or which are posted, without proper qualification, as to the suspected nature of the event witnessed.

One of the cases reported recently which we feature here was submitted by a former crew member of the U. S. Coast Guard cutter, “Spencer,” based at Governor’s Island, New York City, involving a lengthy, and dramatic, sighting of an apparent UFO over the Atlantic Ocean, sometime during the early 1970’s.  The witness reports that the entire crew was interviewed by members of the U. S. intelligence community, and sworn to secrecy, under penalty of the law, if they ever discussed the matter.  Full Report   The individual who submitted the report, and who reports that he was present during the hour-long event at sea, will appear, together with Peter Davenport, on the Jeff Rense Radio Program at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Monday night, August 30, 2010, to discuss the dramatic event.  If there are any members of the crew of the USCG “Spencer,” who remember this incident, and we strongly suspect they would recall it, we would like to invite them to submit reports about what they recall of it, using our Online Report Form on our website.  We would like to communicate with them, so we would be grateful if they would include contact information.

NEW REPORTS POSTED ON JULY 28, 2010 - We have posted approximately 200 newly received, or amended, reports to our website.  We have attempted to proofread them to the best of our ability, but there is always the possibility that we have committed an oversight in correcting errors, deleting personal data, and failing to properly identify those reports that are of mundane events of terrestrial origin.  Hence, in the course of reading the new reports, you encounter an error, we would be most grateful if you would call the error to our attention via e-mail, and we will correct it.  E-mail is more convenient for us than telephone communication, for the purpose of correcting reports. 


We have posted 261 recently submitted reports to our website, some of which appear to be similar to those received during the first ten days of this month, which we discuss in our July 06th and July 10th postings below.  The reports describe red, orange, or yellow “fireballs,” which have been reported to maneuver in fashions that suggest to us that they are not aircraft, pyrotechnic devices, or any other type of object that we can imagine. 

An example of those recent reports is one submitted from ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND,   The witness is a retired military aviator, with approximately 5,000 hours of accumulated flight time, and he was unable to identify the objects.  Full Report

If any of the visitors to our website have been witness to this type of phenomenon, recently, we would like to encourage them to submit reports of their sightings, using our Online Report Form.  As we outline below, we would like to know where the witnesses were located, at the time of the event; what direction he or she was looking; the number of objects seen; how they moved across the sky; and any other facts necessary for another person, who reads the report, to understand what the event looked like.

We highlight below a few of the reports that have caught our attention, and which appear to us to have been submitted by highly credible witnesses:  

PROSSER, WASHINGTON, JULY 13, 2010, @ 22:00 HRS. (PDT)  - A young woman and her boyfriend, while driving in a rural part of Washington State, witnessed a triangular-shaped cluster of bright lights, which maneuvered to form a straight line.  Full Report   We are attempting to determine whether military flares, launched over the Yakima Firing Range could have been witnessed from the witness’s location.

KENNEWICK, WASHINGTON, JULY 13, 2010, @ 21:30 HRS. (PDT) - A highly educated, adult male witnessed what he perceived to be a “huge” object, with intensely bright lights on its sides, as it slowly and silently moved across his remote ranch.  Full Report  A group of eight adult witnesses, at a different location near Kennewick, witnessed the same object at the same time, and NUFORC is awaiting reports from those individuals.

We may have one of the above witnesses as guests on the JEFF RENSE RADIO PROGRAM at 8:00 p.m. (PDT) on Tuesday, July 20, 2010.  Details of the program can be obtained at  If they decide not to appear, Jeff and Peter will discuss other recent cases and events.    

In the near future, we expect to post several illustrations and photographs to our site.  If anyone has photographs of the “fireballs” that have been witnessed recently, we would very much like to view them.  Thank you!

Posted by Peter Davenport, Director, on Monday night, July 19, 2010.


We have posted approximately 180 new reports, many of which pertain to the unusual display of lights on the evening of July 4th, 2010.  In our haste to get these new reports posted, we probably have missed some details, in the process of our proofreading the reports, for which we apologize.  In this case, we want to post the reports as quickly as possible, so that visitors to our site will have access to the most recent information, so some tasks have had to be left undone.

Here is a link to interesting video of a July 4th sighting of two anomalous, and distinctly red, lights, witnessed near Lorain, Ohio You can read the report, submitted by the witness, here: Full Report

We are still interested in receiving reports from anyone who may have witnessed unexplained sightings between July 1st and July 10.  However, if what you saw was a lone, bright, white light, coursing across the evening or early morning sky, moving generally to the east, please be sure, before submitting a report, that you were not witnessing the International Space Station.  You can check the schedule of over-flights of the ISS at, by entering the name of your community, and then checking the list of dates and times that the ISS will be visible from your community.  NUFORC is being flooded with “sightings” of the ISS, and it would be quite helpful to us if you would please try to identify what it was you saw, before you submit a written report from our website. 

Posted by Peter Davenport on July 10th, 2010.

JULY 06, 2010
- Events across the United States and Canada on the evening of Sunday, July 04, 2010

Over the last 48 hours, NUFORC has received almost 100 similar reports of very peculiar events, which have been witnessed across the U. S. and Canada on July 4th, and perhaps on July 3rd, as well.  The sightings are a phenomenon for which we have no ready explanation.  Many of the reports from both days have been submitted by seemingly serious-minded individuals, many of whom apparently witnessed the events with multiple other witnesses present. 

To date, we have received reports of the phenomenon from the following U. S. states and Canadian provinces:  California; Connecticut; Washington, D.C.; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky; Massachusetts; Manitoba; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; North Dakota; Nebraska; New Jersey; New York; Ohio; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Tennessee; Texas; Virginia; Vermont; and Washington State

The reports are similar, in that the witnesses have described seeing strange red, orange, or yellow “fireballs,” which have been seen either to hover in the night sky, or to streak overhead, sometimes individually, and on some occasions in clusters.  In some instances, the objects were observed against a clear, cloudless sky, and in other cases, they were observed below solid or broken overcast. 

Given the wide area over which the objects were observed, we suspect that there may be hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of people who also were witness to these objects and events, but who have not reported their sightings.  IF YOU WERE WITNESS TO THIS PHENOMENON, WE WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST THAT YOU SUBMIT A WRITTEN REPORT, USING THE ONLINE REPORT FORM

We would be grateful if you would please include in your report at least the following information:  1) The time and date of the sighting; 2) your location; 3) the direction you were looking; 4) the estimated angle of elevation; 5) how many objects you witnessed; 6) whether the objects were in motion, or stationary, and what direction they appeared to be moving; 7) how big the objects appeared to be, relative to the size of a star in the night sky, or the Moon; 8) how many other witnesses were present; and 9) how the objects disappeared from your sight. 

We would encourage you to include any other facts about your sighting, which will help another person understand what you saw, and what the event looked like.  Please bear in mind that the only thing another person will ever know about your sighting will depend entirely on what you choose to write about it, so please be thorough. 

Also, if you know other witnesses to the same event, please encourage them to submit a report, prepared independently of you, and of all other witnesses who were present.

We will post all reports we receive as quickly as they arrive at our Center.  Thank you for submitting your report! 

Posted on Tuesday evening, July 06, 2010, by Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC.



In keeping with our attempt to post newly received reports on a more regular basis, we have posted approximately 151 new reports to our database.  As we always request, in the event that you encounter a report, which clearly is a hoax, or which is defective for any reason, please send us an e-mail, with a link to the report, and we will amend or delete the report. 

We summarize below two of the reports, which we found to be unusually interesting:

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (IN FLIGHT), AUGUST 1987 - An experienced airline pilot witnesses a “cranberry red” object closing on his aircraft at an estimated 400 knots, and an estimated 4,000 feet below his altitude.  The peculiar object appeared to the pilot to be flying directly toward a storm cloud, and instantly changed its course, apparently without slowing down, by approximately 140 degrees. Full Report

AFGHANISTAN (U. S. FORWARD BASE OF OPERATIONS), JUNE 11, 2010, @ 23:30 HRS. (Local) - A member of the U. S. military witnessed a bizarre looking, V-shaped craft, with five lights, as it flew over the military airfield where he was on duty.  He went outside his tower, and viewed the peculiar object with his night-vision device.  The object overhead appeared to him to be the apparent size of his clenched fist, held at arm’s length. Full Report  The witness may appear with Peter Davenport on the Jeff Rense radio program on Friday night, June 25, 2010.  Please see for details.

Posted by Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, on June 23rd, 2010.


Some of the report that we found to be of particular interest are the following:

SMITH’S FERRY, IDAHO, AUGUST 1957 - Two adult males witness a very brightly lighted object passes within feet of the truck they are driving home from work.  The incident was featured in a book, written by Frank Edwards, celebrated radio personality during the 1960’s.  Full Report

HUNTINGTON, INDIANA, AUGUST 1957 - A large group of people witness a large, unlighted, “horse-shoe” shaped object for an estimated 20 minutes.  The object suddenly begins to move slowly, and moves off in the nighttime sky.  (Submitted in February 2009.)   Full Report 

ROUYN-NORANDA, QUEBEC, CANADA, JUNE 01ST, 2010 @ 22:56 HRS. (Eastern Time) - A professional/commercial pilot witnesses a strange “V-shaped” cluster of lights streak overhead.  Full Report 

WAYNESVILLE, MISSOURI, JUNE 01ST, 2010 @ 22:50 HRS. (Central Time) - Two adult witnesses observe a “V-shaped” formation of 10-12 orange lights for an estimated 10 seconds duration. Close to Ft. Leonard Wood military base.  Full Report

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, JUNE 02ND, 2010, @ 19:10 HRS. (Pacific Time) - A male witness observes a dark, oval-shaped object pass overhead, between layers of clouds. Full Report

TEMPE, ARIZONA, JUNE 02ND, 2010, @ 21:10 HRS. (Mountain Time) - Three university-age witnesses observe an oval shaped object, with a peculiar pattern of lights.  Full Report

NEW POLICY FOR POSTING REPORTS - Beginning this month, we are going to initiate a policy of posting all newly received reports at least once per week.  We recognize that our posting, over recent months, has been sporadic, a fact for which we apologize.  Our plan is to post reports either on Monday or Tuesday of each week, and to include photos and illustrations, submitted in support of the written reports.

 UPDATE ON HOAXED REPORTS AND PRANK CALLS - The flood of prank calls we have been receiving goes unabated, despite our efforts to reason with the inconsiderate dolts who seem amused by this nonsense.  We recently received in excess of 60 prank calls during a 16-hour period, many of them from the same group of individuals in Utah.  The volume of calls now takes up, we estimate, the majority of our time, and it is threatening to cause us to have to end our policy of either answering, or returning, all telephone calls placed to the UFO Hotline. 

In the near future, we are going to dedicate a portion of our website for posting the names, telephone numbers, and any other personal information we can glean of the people who are the worst offenders.  We would like to enlist the aid of those people who visit our website, inviting them 1) to call the offenders, letting them know how inconvenient it is to have to field a large number of calls, and 2) to try to identify the parents of the young miscreants, to have them intervene in their children’s inconsiderate behavior.    

The plan we outline above technically is a violation of our policy of guaranteed privacy for those people who contact our Center.  However, we are now fighting for our continued existence, and we will not allow a handful of rude, foolish, inconsiderate children cause our Center to have to curtail or reduce its services, without a fight.  Frankly, our intention is to make the people who pester us wish they had never even heard of our Hotline, and we would like the assistance of those serious-minded folks who visit our site.  Please watch for a new section on our website, dedicated to making names and numbers of the miscreants available publicly, so that their parents will know what mischief their children are getting involved in.  Thank you!

TRINIDAD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010, at 21:40 HRS. (PACIFIC) - A father and his 13-year old son, witness five bizarre objects streak across the nighttime sky, in rapid sequence.  The father is 20-year veteran of the U. S. military aviation.   Full Report 

O’FALLON, MISSOURI, DECEMBER 15, 2009, @ 1815 HRS. (CST) - A woman returning home from work witnesses a very peculiar string of lights in the western sky.  When she arrives home, she alerts her husband, who also witnesses the lights.  The objects disappear to the west. Full Report

SPRINGERVILLE, ARIZONA, DECEMBER 17, 2009 @ 0500 HRS. (MST) - Two adult males, father and son, both of whom are veterans of the U. S. Air Force, witness a very bright flash in the eastern sky.  They have no explanation for the event, which covered 10 percent of the visible sky, and which was bright enough to leave a very pronounced “after image” in the visual field.  Full Report

PINE LEVEL, ALABAMA, DECEMBER 29, 2009 @ 2015 HRS. (CST) - A truck driver, licensed as an airline transport pilot, witnesses a peculiar string of lights in the eastern sky.  They appeared to have no lights, which are characteristic of typical aircraft, and they move off to the east, maintaining unwavering position, relative to each other in their formation.  Full Report

LA PINE, OREGON, DECEMBER 29, 2009 @ 2100 HRS. (PST) - A father and son witness four illuminated, disc-shaped craft, descend out of a clear night sky, and then move off to the west.  (Note:  La Pine is the site of the Oregon State University observatory.  Full Report

DECEMBER 12, 2009 - We have just posted over 1,800 new, or amended, reports to the NUFORC database.  We apologize for the long delay since our last posting.

As always, the newly posted reports may be fraught with errors on the part of the authors, and oversights in proofreading on our part.  We would be most grateful if the visitors to our site would remain on the lookout for any obviously hoaxed reports, profanity, personal information in the “Description” portion of the reports, and reports which obviously can be ascribed to events of terrestrial nature, e.g. over-flights of the International Space Station, “sightings” of Jupiter or Sirius, missile launches, or the many other prosaic events which have nothing to do with genuine UFO’s.  We have attempted to purge all of the prank reports from the new reports, but we probably did not properly identify all of them.  We would welcome any assistance in identifying those reports that have nothing to do with sightings of genuine UFO’s.  Any errors can be reported to the Director, at  Thank you!

Here are a few reports, which caught our eye, and which we think that visitors to our site might find particularly interesting: 

SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2009 @ 22:00 hrs. (Central) - A man and his wife, and a police officer, witness a disc-shaped object, with yellow and red lights in its center, pass silently overhead.  Object disappears, and then returns, making a second brief appearance.  Full Report

AUBURN, WASHINGTON, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 06, 2009 @ 01:20 hrs. (Pacific) - An experienced UFO investigator, driving home on Route 167, witnesses two large objects, with peculiar lighting, pass slowly overhead.  One of the objects may have been hovering, when first observed. Full Report 

NORTH PORT, FLORIDA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 03, 2009, @ 13:22 hrs. (Eastern) - A woman reports that an unseen object passed over her home very rapidly, dimming the light entering through an overhead skylight.  The event was accompanied by a loud boom, which frightened her cats, and which was reported throughout her community. Full Report

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2009 @ 21:39 hrs. (Central) - An experienced airline pilot witnesses a large, gray, triangular-shaped craft pass overhead at apparently very high speed. Full Report

HINSDALE, MASSACHUSETTS, JUNE 1973 @ ~10:00 hrs. (Eastern) - A 17-year old boy witnesses a humming disc, which hovers over a large local field.  The object suddenly accelerates, and shoots off out of sight. Full Report

NEW HOTLINE POLICIES - Because the steady stream of pranks and obscene telephone calls has not abated, we are considering a change in our policy regarding staffing of the Hotline.  On a typical day, 50-80 percent of the calls we receive are hoaxes and pranks, more often than not, accompanied by some of the worst profanity a person could imagine.  This situation is having a deleterious effect on the Director, and we are going to have to fight back, if the National UFO Reporting Center is going to continue providing its service to the public.  We will be posting those new policies, which may include posting of the telephone numbers of the individuals who continue to pester our operations.  Perhaps visitors to our website could induce these cretins to stop disturbing us with their foolishness. 

Also, we will post new guidelines for submitting reports.  There is a great deal of room for improvement of the written reports, and we are going to implement new policies for what we would like to have people include in their written reports

Peter B. Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, December 12, 2009

NUFORC has posted approximately 1,010 (August 05) and 375 (August 27) newly received reports, submitted to our Center since our last posting on June 09th.  We apologize for the substantial delay in updating the website, some of the reasons for which I address in THIS RELATED STATEMENT.

The reports have been scanned for errors, and to eliminate those reports which are cases of mistaken identity.  However, they were scanned under extreme time pressure, so, as is usually the case, there probably are many reports that describe stars or planets; the International Space Station; satellites and “flare ups” from Iridium satellites; meteors; aircraft of terrestrial origin; etc.. 

Hence, if a visitor to our site detects a report which obviously is of something other than a genuine UFO, and which is not appropriately identified and labeled, I would be most grateful those visitors would send me a short e-mail, including the heading of the report, and I will correct our oversight.

Our ultimate objective is to introduce a system which will allow us to post reports on a much more regular, and predictable, basis, perhaps once per week, or even more often, but that system is not in place yet.

We would like to invite you to read our statement regarding how you can help us in our work, assistance which will reduce that amount of time it takes for us to get the information we receive posted to our website.   

I feature below a few reports that caught our attention, and which I believe might be of particular interest to those who visit our site. 


A senior captain for a major U. S. airline spots what she first interpreted to be a cluster of USAF F-16 “Falcon” fighters in the extreme distance.  Within approximately 30 seconds, she realized that the object was not fighters at all, but rather a boomerang-shaped object, vertically oriented, craft which streaked by her aircraft.   Full Report


NUFORC received several seemingly credible reports from the Puget Sound area, of one, or more, bizarre red lights, which appeared to the witnesses on the ground to maneuver in a purposeful manner.  Similar reports were received from several other states and countries.  Please read the reports for July 2009  Similar reports of multiple orange or red were submitted from several other states and nations.  Please see other reports for this time and date. 


A former, senior military officer was preparing for his morning job, when he looked up and witnessed a very strange object, streaking between layers of broken overcast.  He was able to dash to his house to retrieve binoculars, and was able to get a very good look at it, before it suddenly streaked upwards, and disappeared from his within seconds.  The witness has excellent vision, and is a highly trained individual, who held several positions in the military, in which he had a considerable amount of responsibility.  Here is his full report and here is the typed report he submitted as well, with illustrations. 


We would like to invite visitors to our site to read all the reports NUFORC received for the night of August 15/16, 2009, from the Midwest and from the eastern U. S., and from other states, as well.  Many of the witnesses were seemingly exceptionally qualified observers, and apparently witnessed several most unusual objects.  If anyone may have been witness to peculiar object on those dates, we would be most grateful if they would please submit written reports, using our Online Report Form, to supplement those reports that we have posted. 

TUESDAY, JUNE 09, 2009

Peter will make his monthly appearance on the Jeff Rense Radio Program at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, June 09, 2009.  Jeff and Peter will host two witnesses, both former members of the U. S. military, and both of whom experienced bizarre, and dramatic, sightings of unusual events, one in Fayetteville, North Carolina in February 2008, and the other in October 1974, near Yakima, Washington.  The reports from the two witnesses appear below:

REPORT #1 -FAYETTVILLE, NC, at 22:40 hrs. (local) on February 20, 2008

Approximately 22:40 EST, 20 February 2008, at XXXX ((deleted)) Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311, I was observing the lunar eclipse that began about 22:30 EST. From my position in North Carolina, the moon was in full lunar eclipse; weather was ideal- "clear blue and 22" as we say in aviation; the moon was approximately 55 degrees South/ Southwest overhead- in other words, I had a clear unobstructed view of the lunar eclipse from my position on my front porch in Fayetteville, NC. I normally wouldn't be looking at the moon except this Lunar Eclipse event had been widely publicized on TV that evening. I was enjoying an event with unobstructed view that few will ever witness in their life time. 

Approximately 10 minutes into the full lunar eclipse, about 22:40 EST, I noticed on the left side of the moon (as I was facing it), a very bright, round object resembling a satellite; a bright pin-point of light object; clearly not a naturally formed object appeared suddenly, traveling in a straight line from the left side of the back side of the moon- it was clearly traveling in a straight line towards Earth. In about one to two seconds, the object made a 90 degree turn to my right, directly in front of the face of the fully eclipsed moon.  As quick as it appeared and shot across in front of my unobstructed view of the eclipsed moon, it disappeared off to my right side of the Moon and became invisible almost immediately of passing out of the Umbra shadow of the Earth eclipse of the Moon.  The entire event was less than 5 seconds. 

I am a US Army trained combat helicopter pilot, Desert Storm veteran of the Gulf War.  I'm accustomed and trained to look for things, especially at night.  This was not a naturally occurring object. This object made intelligent turns and in relation to the position of the moon, was traveling at as fantastic rate of speed. I am not a UFO nut.  You may even call me skeptical.  I have been able to observe a great deal of objects while flying with night vision goggles at night in various parts of the world.  I have witnessed many naturally occurring and man-made events in the sky normally not seen with the naked eye.  But this object appeared from the back-side of the moon with my un-aided view and flew directly across in front of the moon was of intelligent design and flight path.  It probably would not have been visible during the lighted or visible, not eclipsed, moon, by an un-aided human eye.  But during the eclipsed darkened view of the Moon, it was so clearly visible to the naked human eye!   I truly believe the object I observed was not of natural origin but of intelligent origin.  I am capable of distinguishing the difference between a circular type orbit versus a straight flight path.  This object was of the latter. And I know of no known human-made objects that could have produced such incredible speeds and turns based upon its observed position that night from the back side of the moon, making an instant 90 degree right turn in front and across the eclipsed moon that night.

 By the way, I was 47 years old at the time of the lunar eclipse and my eye sight has been evaluated as 20/12 & 20/15 in each eye during every one of my US Army Flight Physical Evaluations for the past 20 years. 

 I honestly believe I witnessed an intelligently driven object not of man-made origin.  I have reluctantly not reported this event to anyone before now because it was so incredible to believe myself.  And I do not want to be labeled a "UFO Nut".  But I witnessed, regardless of scrutiny, a truly incredible event that evening on 20 February 2008 during the Lunar Eclipse.

(NUFORC Note:  I have spoken with this witness on several occasions, and my impression is that he is an excellent witness.  PD)

REPORT #2-YAKIMA, WASHINGTON, at 19:50 hrs. (local) on October 07, 1974

Huge search light beam from 4 miles high in the sky illuminating a one mile diameter circle on the ground.

Passenger asked pilot what was a light in the sky overhead.   Flight was direct from Pendleton, Oregon, to Sea-Tac (Airport) at 10,500' msl.  The light source seemed  to be sourced at about 20,000' msl like a huge landing light or search light that illuminated the ground below about 1 mile in diameter.  The source was not visible as though a wing-light was blocked by the fuselage, but the cone of light got brighter and ATC denied any traffic in the area. 

At this point I elected to change course and fly around, rather than through, the light beam area.  Air to air queries to other pilots affirmed that the anomaly was visible to others that night.  At this point "Deep Throat" advised to "can the chatter if you want to keep flying".   The beam was visible until descending into Sea-tac. 

The next day a Seattle radio station reported that some hunters in Winthrop, WA, called in to report seeing the same light to the south and wondering what it was.

(NUFORC Note:  We have contacted the source of the report, requesting more information about the incident.  PD)

UPDATE TO MORRIS PLAINS, NEW JERSEY, CASE, JANUARY--Several individuals allegedly launched pyrotechnic devices, attached to helium-filled balloons.  NUFORC will post links to the news articles about the two men who launched them, and the subsequent court cases, in which they pleaded guilty to minor charges.      


On Tuesday morning, January 06, NUFORC received a telephone call from a television station in New Jersey, apprising our Center of a very interesting sighting that had had occurred over Morris County.  The case received a considerable amount of attention in the press, and it was accompanied by some high-quality video.  One of the written reports we received can be read here.  (Please note error in the time; the objects were witnessed and photographed at 20:35 hrs., not 08:35 hrs..) Full Report   Video

NUFORC updated its website and database of reported sightings on Saturday night, January 10, and we will be adding several items to our homepage within the next 24 hours.


On Wednesday evening, November 05th, two airline pilots witnessed a group of lights in the distance, which appeared to them to be connected to one object.  The lights maneuvered across the sky, changed direction, and apparently disappeared by passing over the horizon in the distance.  We include here  the written follow-up report from one of the pilots, with who we spoke at length via telephone.   

Date: 11/05/08
Time: 19:30
Duration: 30 minutes
City: Male
Country: Maldives
Witnesses: 2
Number of Craft: 3-7(1)

Colleague and I witnessed 3-7 lights moving slowly in unison across the night sky.

I was recently having dinner with a colleague of mine on a rooftop restaurant in Male’, Maldives, when he noticed a grouping of 5-7 white lights moving in unison in the sky. He pointed it out to me as he thought it was a large aircraft coming into landing at the local airport.

We then realized it was nowhere near the airport and the lights were not bright enough to be landing lights and we came to the conclusion it was moving too slowly to be a commercial jet.

We continued to watch it as it went in-behind buildings, at which point we lost sight.  Minutes after we saw it emerge and change to the opposite direction it was moving originally.  

The configuration of lights changed from about six scattered lights to 3 in the shape of a triangle with 1 trailing light in behind, all of which were moving at the same speed.  We continued to watch it move left to right for about ten minutes.

During the time we witnessed the lights they had changed direction once, originally right to left, and then left to right.  The formation, color, and quantity of lights also changed.  

If I had to guess the distance of the formation I would say it was 10-50 miles away, if that is true then the formation would have been 1-2 miles wide.  In relation to the moon it would have been any where from 3 to 4 times the width of a full moon.


A young woman was driving at 40-45 mph along Lake Cook Road, when her car suddenly lurched to the right for no reason that was apparent to her.  There were no cars within sight on the road, and she had not seen any pedestrian or animal near the car.  She stopped her car immediately, got out, and apparently was flabbergasted by the appearance of the left side of her automobile. 

The investigating police officer could not provide an adequate explanation for the damage.  He noted that there was no damaged paint, and no animal hair, feathers, or blood, evident on the damaged area of the car.   NUFORC has passed the case along to Mr. Sam Maranto, Illinois State Director for the Mutual UFO Network (“MUFON”), for follow-up investigation. 

We have no reason to believe that the incident was UFO-related, but we have no explanation for how the extensive damage to the car could have occurred.  If any of the visitors to our site have ever witnessed this type of damage to a car, we would welcome comments or suggestions.   

Date: 11/04/08
Time: 21:20
Duration: 5-10 seconds
City: Northbrook
State: IL

The entire left side of my car appears to be scorched but no paint was removed.

I was driving 40-45 miles per hour heading north toward I-94 East towards Chicago on Lake Cook Road. While I was in the middle lane, I felt a nudge on the left of my car which made my car shift to the right.  I did not swerve out of the lane and gained control back quickly. 

I slowed down and as I got my bearings, I realized that my left side mirror was knocked off and so I turned right onto Revere Drive and put on my hazard lights. 

I got out of the car and saw that I had several dents on the side of my car.  There were two that were deeper and larger than the others; one was located in front of the rear wheel and the other was in the center of the driver door. 

I called 911 to file a police report and the officer said that I was side swiped by another car but, there were not any cars around me before or after the hit and also there were no paint scratches from other cars on my car.

Images Copyright 2008 - Click for larger images


A witness from Mackey, Indiana, reports witnessing an unidentified light which moved, apparently slowly, across the night sky, generally from north to the southwest.  We have no idea what the object was, but because of several reports from across the Midwest, we include the report, and photo, here.  Full Report



EXCELSIOR, MINNESOTA, FRIDAY, JULY 04, 2008, at 22:35 hrs. (CDT)

A gentleman telephoned NUFORC on July 05th, 2008, to apprise us of a sighting that occurred near Minneapolis, MN, shortly after the local fireworks display.  He reported that many people witnessed the event, and that it was quite dramatic in appearance.  The witness is an airline pilot, with considerable experience, and he is a skilled amateur astronomer.  If anyone else witnessed this display of lights, we would welcome additional reports.  Full Report


A public employee witnessed a peculiar, seemingly transparent object, move across the sky above his home in Lexington, Kentucky.  We have no idea what the object was, but we provide here the illustration provided by the witness, who appears to us to be a trained observer.  Full Report





NUFORC received a number of very interesting reports from many states across the U. S..  Many seemingly credible witnesses reported a very strange light, which passed across the night sky, paused for several seconds, and then shot off at high speed.  We received reports from Missouri, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Texas, and Erfurt/Germany (in the German State of Thuringia).  If anyone was witness to this object, we would like to invite you to submit a report to our Center, using our Online Report Form.  For details about the sightings, please see those newly received reports posted to our website for the evening of Saturday, June 07, 2008. 


Every time the space shuttle either approaches, or departs from, the International Space Station, NUFORC receives many reports of two “UFO’s” flying in tandem in the night sky.  Please note that the space shuttle, “Discovery,” is scheduled to undock from the ISS at 07:42 hrs. (Eastern?), on Wednesday morning, June 11, and they will be seen very prominently in the night sky, passing overhead in proximity to one another, for the next several days.  They are not UFO’s.     


Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, has formally announced his candidacy for the WASHINGTON STATE LEGISLATURE, District 7, Position 1.  He has been campaigning for that office since September 2007, and he filed for the position last week, during the official filing period of June 02nd  through June 06th.

Many voters in the district have suggested that his candidacy is quite credible, and that he stands a very good chance of prevailing in the primary election, which will be held on August 19, 2008.  More information about his campaign will be posted here, in the near future, with a link to his campaign website.

If he is successful in getting elected to that position, he will serve as one of 98 members of the Washington State House of Representatives. 

The fact that Peter has served as Director of the National UFO Reporting Center is well known in the District, and it is a fact that has contributed to his broad-reaching name recognition.  His many appearances on some 2,000 radio and television programs, including his monthly appearances with Jeff Rense, may play a significant role in the campaign.

If any of the visitors to the NUFORC website would like to assist the campaign financially, they may mail checks in the $10.00-25.00 range, and made out to the “Davenport Campaign,” to the following address: 

The Davenport Campaign
P. O. Box 644
Harrington, WA  99134-0644

All proceeds received will be used for campaign literature and other direct expenses for the campaign.  Under Washington State campaign law, none of the contributions may be used for any personal expense. 

Thank you for your support!!


NUFORC received a very interesting report this morning, on May 19, of a sighting of a strange disc allegedly seen in the vicinity of the Surry Nuclear Power Plant, in SURRY COUNTY, VIRGINIA.  We provide below a link to a page, which describes that facility:

Traditionally, we do not post reports immediately upon receipt, given that even dramatic sightings often end up having some terrestrial explanation.  However, in this case, the witness is a skilled scientist (retired), and he was able to observe the object for a considerable length of time, up to 20 minutes, he estimates.

The original report, submitted before we spoke to the witness via telephone, can be read here: 

Date: 05/19/08T
Time: 12:20
Duration: 12-20 minutes
Sighting City: Surry County
Sighting State: va
Sighting County: USA
Witnesses: 1
Shape: Disk
Number of Craft: 1

Description: Disk Sighted Over Surry Nuclear Power Station, Surry Co., VA

At about 12:20 pm, 19 May 2008, I observed what appeared to be a large, metallic disk hovering very near the Surry Nuclear Power Station. (This is a little more than hour from the time of this writing, so the memory is still fresh and vivid).

I was on my bicycle riding east on the Colonial Parkway (James City County) when I spotted an object over the James River, moving from east to west at a very slow speed. At first I thought it may have been a kite because it was a very windy day (the winds were gusting out of the SW at 20-30mph) and people do come out and fly their kites from the beaches when the winds are good. But when I came to an open spot in the road unobstructed by trees I stopped to get a better look and decided it was much too large to be a kite. It is a about a mile across the channel to the Surry Station and what I saw appeared to be very near the station’s twin domes and it must have been at least as large as they are, and perhaps larger. Besides that the object was moving very slowly against the wind, left to right from my vantage point, and its upper surface caught the sunlight and reflected like a sheet of aluminum foil. Its underside was dark. Then I thought that it might be an advertising balloon or dirigible, but the shape did not seem right. This was definitely a flattened disk. And, because it was so windy it did not seem like a good day to take a blimp up. (And, with security so high these days it does not seem logical that anyone would be permitted to get that close to power station. I have seen military helicopters on training missions over the river, but even they keep a wide berth from the power plant.)

I have eliminated the possibility of helicopters and small aircraft because, as I say, this object was hovering/drifting and appeared to be making a very leisurely circuit of the power plant. I walked down to water’s edge to see if I could get a better look, but without binoculars I couldn’t make out any other useful details. I watched it like this for a good 15-20 minutes. In that time it completely circled the station, moving against the wind. It appeared to correct its angle at times, very slowly rocking up and down.

I then decided to hurry home, grab my binoculars and camera and see if I might get a better look. It took me about ten minutes to bike home from there and another fifteen to get back on the Parkway by car. But, by the time I returned to my original position the object was gone. I drove a few miles down the Parkway hoping that it might have drifted elsewhere, but the sky was empty except for a few white clouds. Now, I wish I had stayed until it left. It would have been interesting to see which way it went.


We had several communications with the witness, following receipt of his written report, and following our first telephone conversation with him.  We are impressed with the thoroughness with which he has pursued an explanation for the sighting.  We provide below one of his follow-up communiqués to our Center:


Mr. Davenport,

I've already done some of the things you suggested. I called the Ft. Eustis Public Affairs Office and was told by a very helpful female officer that there are no Osprey flying out of Ft. Eustis at this time. She knew of none even being stationed at the base, though their fleet of SAR helicopters is slated to be replaced by Osprey at some future date. She then told me that she'd heard from some fellow soldiers that they'd seen what they thought was the Goodyear blimp flying near Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News. Could it have been a blimp, I wondered? I did not see any writing on its sides, but who knows, I might have missed it. I checked the online photos and I think that I would have seen those bold, yellow letters even from that distance. And, if it was a blimp, why would it be hanging out near a nuclear power plant?

I then called the Patrick Henry Mall management office and asked them what they knew of the Goodyear blimp being in their area and was told they'd heard nothing about it, and that their security personnel did not report seeing one. The spokesperson said that if the blimp had been in their area they would have known about it, because of the publicity it would have generated. I then tried to get in contact with Goodyear, but they, unfortunately do not have a contact phone number. I left them an email message.

Perhaps they'll respond.

The local police have no reports of UFOs over the river and were not interested in taking mine down. (I could hear the borderline ridicule in the dispatcher's voice).

I called our two local papers, but to date I'm the only one to have reported anything unusual at Surry. They also know nothing of the Goodyear blimp being in our area. The reporter at the Virginia Gazette (our local paper) was very receptive to the story and pumped me for every tidbit.  She may run the story.  She also lives on the other side of the James River where the Surry Station is located and is going to ask her contacts down there if they've heard/seen anything.  She's also been to the station and says that their security is extremely professional and quasi-military to the point of paranoia.  But, she also knows that the plant is surrounded by very tall trees and if a silent craft were hovering just at the treeline a hundred or so yards out from the perimeter, it is very unlikely that anyone on the ground would have seen it. I can attest to the fact that I only saw the object through gaps and clearings in our own treeline.

As I said before it was/is very windy, and though it was a bright, sunny day, there were not as many people out on the river beaches as usual. I found it enlightening that even though dozens of cars passed by me as I was observing the object not one of them stopped or even acted as though they saw what I was seeing.

From a distance it may have appeared to be a helicopter. I was the only cyclist crazy enough to brave those high winds this morning (and it was murder, let me tell you).

I went back down to the river late this afternoon and scanned the Surry Station with my binoculars from a half dozen different vantage points.  The wind was still blowing hard and the river was churning with whitecaps. Nothing was in the air. Not a single plane or aircraft.  No kiters.  Even the large birds one usually sees this time of year (it is Spring) were lying low.  It was then that I realized that I may indeed have seen something far out of the ordinary.

I tend to agree with you that the response from Surry security may have been canned.  They returned my call within 20 minutes and, though I cannot be certain, there was something in the man's voice that told me that he really didn't enjoy what he was doing.  It seemed to come as relief to him when it appeared that I was buying his explanation. I did not argue, thanked him, and hung up.

One final, unanswerable question: if it was the Goodyear blimp, where did it go?  I was back at the river by 1:15 with my binoculars and the sky was empty as far as I could see.  Surely it could have not gone that far in such a high wind.  Damn, if only I had waited, I might have seen the thing fly off.


We post the report, principally because of the high-quality of the witness, and also because of the seemingly dramatic nature of the event.  Also, if anyone in the area of the Surry Nuclear Facility witnessed this event, we would be most grateful if he or she would submit a short, written report of the sighting, using our Online Report Form, found here:  ((LINK TO REPORT FORM)).  If anyone knows for certain whether a blimp was airborne in that area at about noon on May 19, we would welcome a report to that effect, supported by whatever evidence the witness may be able to provide.

We will post updates, as we receive them.  The database of reports will be updated as soon as I can complete the proofreading of some 600 newly received reports.

Posted on Monday night, May 19, 2008, by Peter B. Davenport, Director, NUFORC

APRIL 16, 2008 - Several interesting reports were submitted to NUFORC on the evening of Wednesday, April 16, 2008.  We summarize them below:

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - An experienced fishing boat captain called to report a very strange display of six lights to the southeast of his home, which he first observed at approximately 20:10 hrs. (EDT).  He reported that the lights were seen to deploy very rapidly in a straight line, and they appeared to be in the vicinity of downtown Atlantic City.  He could not determine whether they were on the near side of the downtown area, or beyond the city.  He added that he and his wife heard a “tremor,” while the lights were still visible.  Full Report

The witness telephoned our Hotline, after the initial report, and added that a source in the Federal Aviation Administration had informed him that the lights were part of an offshore exercise by the U. S. military, a fact that has yet to be confirmed.

We would welcome reports from any other witnesses to this event.  We would like to know where witnesses were located, at the time of their sighting, and what direction they were looking, as they faced the lights.  This information will allow NUFORC to perform triangulation, in order to determine the location of the lights, and where they were, relative to downtown Atlantic City. 

KOKOMO, IN - NUFORC received two reports from the Kokomo area, from witnesses who reported observing some very strange lights at approximately 23:30 hrs. (CDT).  One witness reported that the lights appeared to come from the west, and they then moved off rapidly to the north.  Full Report

NUFORC would very much like to receive reports from anyone who witnessed this event, either visually, or aurally.  Most of all, we would like to know where in the Kokomo area any witness was located, and the direction he/she was looking, while looking at the lights when they were stationary in the sky. 


Read the LA Times front page story on Peter Davenport and the National UFO Reporting Center Headquarters.


A very peculiar object was reported to NUFORC recently, which reportedly was seen by many people near Stephenville, Texas.  We have not spoken with any of the witnesses yet, but an article from the Associated Press was released over the internet on the date of this posting, January 14. 

We include below the “raw” reports which we have received to date about the alleged incident.  We also would like to invite anyone who may have been witness to this event to please submit a short report, detailing the sighting, using our Online Report Form.  Thank you!

Peter B. Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center. Posted:  21:30 hrs. (Pacific), Monday, January 14, 2008

Report #1: 

Flashing strobes, silent, flames out the back side and jets chasing it!

On 1-8-2008 at 6:15 pm CST. my friends and I was watching the sunset when several strobes or flashing lights coming from the east at about 3500 foot agl heading west toward Stephenville, TX.  Estimated speed was about 2000 to 3000 mph.

The strobes made several changes of flash patterns and configurations. The flight duration lasted about 3 minutes. The front two strobes was about 1/2 mile a part and the back ones was about 1 mile back from the front strobes. The back side of the flashing lights came to a vertical flashing.

Then there was 2 separate vertical flames about 1/4 mile apart for several seconds and the craft was gone.

We never head ANY noise from the craft!  They headed west towards Abilene, TX.

Then about 10 minutes later here came the craft again with 2 jets chasing.  They were headed east towards South Ft. Worth, TX, at about 4000 ft. agl.  The jets were unable to catch and went off into the distance at FULL throttle.

I am a pilot and have been fling for 30 years and have never seen anything like this.  I also fly several times a week in the area.  The craft is NOT from around these parts!

The witnesses are 1. ((male name deleted) 254-((number deleted)), rancher/trucker  2. ((male name #2 deleted))  254-((name deleted)), delivers mail for the U.S. Postal Service  3. ((male name #3 deleted))  (myself) 254-((number deleted)) or cell 817-((number deleted)) owner of a large transportation/trucking firm.

Report #2:






Our Center has received several reports from Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia, Massachusetts, and Vermont of an object that was visible for approximately 45 minutes from each of those locations.

We do not know, yet, what the object was, but from our experience with similar reports over past years, our suspicion is that the object may be a spent rocket, which was "parked" in high orbit, and from which the excess fuel was released from its fuel tanks.

The fact that the object could be seen from both Williston, Florida, and Canada, at the same time suggests to us that the object was very large, and at a very high altitude above the surface of the Earth.

Peter Davenport will make a brief appearance tonight on the Coast-to-Coast radio program, hosted by GEORGE NOORY, in order to discuss the event, and in order to encourage other witnesses to submit written reports, using NUFORC's Online Report Form.

We include here a report from Maine, even though we have no reason to believe that the report from that state is, in any way, related to the event seen from locations in the southeastern U. S..

We include here some of the written reports NUFORC received about the event, as of the time of this posting.

Peter B. Davenport, Director, NUFORC. Posted at 18:30 hrs. (Pacific), Monday, December 10, 2007."


REPORT FROM MONROE, GEORGIA, 18:30 HRS.--Bright object in sky,at first looked like a comet. Watching close with binoculars could see it was not a comet but nothing I have ever seen before.

This object was white in color and looked like a cigar.was moving slowly across sky towards the north but was moving up and down and side to side all this time. Another small object could be seen as well with a white light that would flash ever now and then.

The weather was mild with clear skies, and Monroe GA is about 30 miles north east of Atlanta Ga.

We have all seen the planes coming and going from the Atl airport and these were no planes or helicopters.

I'm a 46 year old over the road truck driver and have drove at night for years and never seen nothing close too this.

Other witnesses include my wife, 45; son, 23; and his wife, 23.


REPORT FROM PITTSBORO, NC, AT 18:45 HRS.--To whom it may concern,

I am an amateur astronomer and was observing here in my observatory at my home in Pittsboro, N.C., observing a double star in the constellation Delphinus.

At approximately 1845, I spotted a green hue in the SW skies near the Messier object M15, approximately 45 degrees above the SW horizon. It appeared to be a comet; I quickly slewed my telescope to the object, and viewed it at a magnification of 100X. The object was traveling at a high rate of speed, but much slower than a normal satellite when viewed through a telescope eyepiece field of view.

The object contained what appeared to be a head and a tail (very much like Haley's comet looked years ago through a pair of binoculars), and its magnitude was so bright that it was dominant in the sky. There was also a point of light that moved with the object at the same speed, approximately one tenth of a degree from the "head" of the object.

I tracked the object for approximately 45 minutes, the "tail" faded (almost appeared to dissipate over time), but the point of light near the haze remained in the eyepiece, it's magnitude and position not changing over the period of time that it was tracked. The object passed very close to the star Schedar in the constellation Cassiopeia. I stopped tracking the object as it passed through the constellation Cassiopeia at approximately 1935 hrs.

The object continued to move in a NE direction at approximately 60 degrees above the northern horizon.

The Telescope I was using to track the "object" was a Telescope Engineering Company (TEC) 200mm (8 inch) f/9 refractor, mounted on a Astro-Physics 1200gto computerized equatorial mount. The object was tracked by moving the Declination and Right ascension axis in a manual mode.


REPORT FROM WORCESTER, VERMONT, 19:13 HRS.--I am weather forecaster meteorologist with two decades plus of experience observing. I work for a radio station in northern Vermont and what I saw I will describe - not that big a deal really.

There is a comet forgotten the name to lazy to look it up but a comet or fuzz ball like or bigger than the 7 sisters that I saw in the eastern sky.

This fuzz ball was moving over so slowly but in odd directions to the rotation of the earth not making any sense.

A friend of mine alerted me to it and said hey go outside and check out the comet. I did and went out several times only to find that it had moved to odd positions and in weird trajectories that a comet would not normally follow.

My only conclusion is that it was man made perhaps a urinal dump that caught the sunlight similar to when you can the ISS or other satellites at night but then why would it move into the different positions over the course of the next hour and half.

It is the erratic nature of the movement. The sighting took place this evening in mostly clear skies with good clarity on a cold winter night with temperatures in the 20s.


REPORT FROM DORA, ALABAMA, 18:03 HRS.--Comet-like cloud with faint flashing light appeared in clear starry sky, drifting North across Casseopia.

Sighted comet like cloud moving towart constellation casseopia, has faint flashing light, called son in N Florida who also could see object.

Object drifted into Casseopia around 6:15 CST, becoming vague. pointed structure, moon size, white flashing light about every 5 Minutes.

I'm an amateur astronomer, never saw anything like it in 50+ years.


REPORT FROM WINDER, GEORGIA, 19:00 HRS.--Cigar shaped object with bright light zigzagging above Winder Georgia.

It was dark outside and we saw a cigar shaped object in the sky, It had a light as if a flashlight and that was shinning, that was the only light on the object. It had zigzagged through the air for about 2-3 minutes than it look as if it had stopped but the light kept getting dimmer and dimmer as if it was going up. It had looked like the lights were changing colors from white to yellow.

At first we thought it was a plane but it was going way to slow, and about 4 planes had passed it, and it was to high up. It also couldn't have been a shooting star because you could see the outside of the shape. We tried to take a picture but everything else in the sky would show up on the camera except the object in the sky.

Also the light was in what we thought was the front of the object, but then it started going sideways. There was a white haze around the object.


REPORT FROM WILLISTON, FLORIDA, 19:00 HRS.--Some sort of explosion above earth's atmosphere.

I was getting into my truck at seven pm when I sighted a brillantly glowing cloud. The glow appearred almost directly overhead but somewhat to the north and west, from my location in Williston, Florida.

I quickly called my wife who is currently in Canada, and she went outside and saw the same glowing cloud. I was able to view the object through night vision monocular and it appeared very much like a comet with a nucleus and tail aligned toward the northwest; initially the tail was nebulous, but also contained a split so that it appeared as a V.

But this appeared to be drifting toward the east very slowly, but too fast to be a comet.

As I was observing the cloud I saw five distinct small flashes of light toward the nucleus area; gradually the object faded in luminosity and disappeared.


REPORT FROM PHIPPSBURG, MAINE, 17:30 HRS.--Burning bright orb with a plane above following it then it either burned up, crashed or just lit up when out of view

It was about 5:30 p.m. and it had gotten dark about an hour before so it was almost pitch black out. Me and my friend were sitting in our car with the lights off at the end of a peninsula that is in the middle of the Kennebec River right near the mouth of the river. Popham beach fort was directly in front of us.

I wasn't really looking at the sky when all of a sudden my friend yelled "look at those shooting stars!" I looked up and saw two lights traveling east so they were moving towards our left because we were looking south.

They were at about a 20 degree angle. And at least a couple miles away but close enough so that I saw a jet trail on the top one. I only saw them for about three seconds but I remember every detail about them. They were moving at the same speed. One was above the other about a quarter inch apart. The one on top had a white light like most planes do and I remember noticing it had a trail just like a jet has. The bottom one however was many times bigger, had no trail and was glowing bright orange. It looked like a perfect circle and about the size of a BB while the one on top looked like a star. They were moving almost horizontal, but most shooting stars come down at an angle.

Almost as soon as I saw them the bottom one steadily grew from dim orange to burning, bright, orange without changing shape at all. Right as it passed over and behind a peninsula to our left it became so bright and right when it was out of view it lit up the sky around the area it was in and we saw what seemed like a bright flash or explosion above the trees, but not a quick flash just a steady flash. As soon as it was gone we said, "((deleted))t, what was that?"

We debated for a while about what it was and we concluded that they could not have been both shooting stars because the one on top had a trail and the bottom one didn't. My friend had seen them traveling west to east for maybe ten seconds and said he didn't pay much attention at first because he thought they were planes. He said they were flying horizontally and as fast

as planes far away, not as fast as shooting stars It was like nothing we

had ever seen before and it was so big for the distance it was at if it was a meteor it would have caused a tsunami or something.

I saw a few ufo encounter reports about glowing amber orbs and saw drawings of what they described and it looked like the same exact thing but must have been larger because of how far away it was.

I'm dead serious about this I wouldn't have spent the time reporting it if I wasn't, believe me.

(NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD)


On Sunday, July 1st, 2007, NUFORC received a telephone call from a resident of Lincoln County, apprising us that on Friday, June 29, 2007, he had learned of the existence of a peculiar crop formation, located near the town of Wilbur, Washington.

We quickly made some telephone calls, confirmed that the formation had been witnessed by others, and, thanks to MR. GREG LEYVA, spray pilot and manager of the Wilbur Airport, Peter Davenport was in the air at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 1st, to inspect and photograph the formation from the air. My co-investigator was MR. MICHAEL HEIT, a friend and fellow resident of Harrington, Washington, where NUFORC is based.

The formation was first reported, we believe, by a gentleman who works for a local agricultural chemicals company in Wilbur. Word spread very quickly, and the formation apparently had been visited by an indeterminate number of people. At least two separate footpaths led into the formation by the time we arrived there.

The formation is approximately 150 feet in width and length. The stalks of grain are laid down flat against the ground, oriented in counter-clockwise (looking down) swirls in the central ring, and in the eight outlying circles.

We have received an unconfirmed report that a resident of the area was witness to a bright flash of light on Thursday night in the general area of the formation. Also, we have been apprised that another resident of the area succeeded in photographing with his cell phone camera a peculiar object that he allegedly witnessed hovering near him. We are actively pursuing more information about both of these unconfirmed reports.

In the meantime, we post a number of photographs of the formation here.


We would like to express our gratitude to the individual who first called our Center, to apprise us of the formation.

In addition, we would like to thank the owner of the property on which the formation occurred for his permission to enter the property to inspect and measure the formation.

In particular, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Greg Leyva, an aerial applicator in Wilbur, Washington, and Manager of the Wilbur Airport, for his generous willingness to fly the investigators, Peter Davenport and Michael Heit, to, and over, the formation. His contribution was invaluable to our being able to locate the formation, and for being able to obtain high-quality aerial photos of the area.


In the near future, we will post a statement here regarding the deluge of hoaxed calls and reports that we have been receiving recently over our Hotline. The volume of telephone calls NUFORC receives from rude, impudent, unbelievably foul-mouthed, young Americans has grown to an unacceptable level. Just today, April 27, for example, we received more than 25 obscene calls from youth, who seem to have nothing better to do with their cell phones than to shout triple-X rated filth over our Hotline.

If this condition continues, we are going to implement a plan that will allow them to understand just how inconvenient it can be to receive a large volume of unwanted calls. Within the next several days, we will provide more details here as to what we have in store for them, and how visitors to our site can help put a stop to this inconvenience.

For two years, we have saved all of the obscene messages from, and all of the telephone numbers of, those who have made obscene calls to our Center, and we are about to implement a program, which we think will make them reconsider whether they want to continue their rude behavior.  Our objective will be 1) to deny them use of their telephones, and 2) to identify and contact their parents, in order to play for them some of the filth and stupidity their children are inflicting on others. We think that we can achieve both of those objectives.

Please check back to our website, from time to time, and we will let you know what you might be able to do to help.  In the meantime, if you are a parent whose child has a cell telephone, we strongly urge you to supervise the child, and to consider requiring him/her to keep a written record of all telephone calls that are sent and received over that telephone.


A man reports witnessing a bizarre, cigar-shaped craft pass overhead, which suddenly disappeared. He provided the illustration below, which depicts the crafts as seen from 3 different angles.  Full Report 


ROLLA, MO, 20:50 HRS. ON MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2007

A husband and wife witness a peculiar pair of "triplet" lights pass from west to east. Husband is an experienced astronomer, and provides this illustration of their sighting.  Full Report


The National UFO Reporting Center received three reports of a peculiar, red object, which was observed from multiple points on the western side of Puget Sound. One of the witnesses  captured the object with her digital camera. Full Report

If there are other witnesses to the event, we would welcome more reports which include 1) the witness's location, 2) the direction the witness was looking, and 3) the angle of elevation (estimated) to the object, above the horizontal plane.

We do not know what the object was, but it almost certainly was not any type of conventional aircraft, and given the duration of the event, and the manner in which the object was seen to move across the sky, we doubt that the object was any type of pyrotechnic device.


We recently received an interesting report  from a former crew member of the
U. S. S. Monrovia, in which he describes a very unusual sighting from that vessel in May 1968.  He describes an event in which members of the crew witnessed an oval, self-luminescent object, which remained in the vicinity of the ship for approximately 90 minutes, and then suddenly disappeared.  The presence of the object appeared to affect the ship's magnetic compass, and at least some of the on-board electrical equipment.

If any of our readers was aboard the Monrovia for its cruise to the Mediterranean Sea in early 1968, we would be most grateful if they would submit short reports of the peculiar event, using our Online Report Form.  Reports can also be sent to our postal address, which appears at the lower left of this page. Thank you!

ADDENDUM: The individual who submitted the report has just consented to appear on the Jeff Rense radio program at 8:00 p.m. (Pacific) on Tuesday, February 13, 2007, to discuss the incident.


JANUARY 4, 2007 UPDATE:  We are delighted by the recent, and extensive, press coverage of this sighting, which NUFORC first reported on its website on November 14, 2006. 

Following posting of the first report of the incident to our homepage, the Coast-to-Coast radio program, hosted by George Noory, interviewed Peter Davenport briefly about the case on November 15, 2006. At that time, no witness yet had consented to come forward and be interviewed publicly.

On December 12, 2006, the Jeff Rense Radio Program was kind enough to provide an hour of air time for an interview of one of the eyewitnesses to the event. The individual had witnessed the disc-shaped object from the cockpit of a Boeing 777 as he taxied the aircraft at O'Hare.  That program is archived at the Rense website.

Also, we would like to express our gratitude to the Chicago Tribune, and to Jon Hilkevitch, for publishing the January 01, 2007, front-page article about the incident. The article briefly alluded to the National UFO Reporting Center, from which the newspaper had received the case on December 13 (although it failed to indicate that fact). According to Mr. Hilkevitch, NUFORC's role in bringing the case to public attention had been included in his original version of the article, but it had been removed during editing before final publication.  That article can be accessed here (registration required).  We will request permission to post the full text of the article.

The Associated Press published this truncated version of the article, which appeared in USA Today, and in many other publications. The AP did not contact our Center before release of their rewritten version of the original Chicago Tribune article.  In our opinion, it presents only the "official" views put forth by the FAA and the airline involved, which we believe grossly distort many of details of the case. Given that the FAA and the airline apparently have brought pressure to bear, both overt and implied, against their employees to have them remain silent about the incident, the article does not reflect what the eyewitnesses had to say about the case, but rather, what their employers want presented about it.

On January 1st, 2007, Mr. Hilkevitch was interviewed by Melissa Block, host of "All Things Considered," on National Public Radio. The audio of that interview can be accessed here and the text of the interview can be seen below. Regarding that interview, it is unclear to us why working with the National UFO Reporting Center, according to Ms. Block, should be considered to be "odd," given that our Center broke the story in the first place.  We have sent two e-mail messages to Ms. Block at NPR, asking clarification on this point, and have received no response, three days later.

Moreover, it is unclear why Mr. Hilkevitch responds to the question by saying, "...they ((i.e. Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center)) kept wanting me to say this was a visit from some other world and further proof that, uh, we, on this planet are visited regularly by other beings..."  To set the record straight on this point, no such representation was made to Mr. Hilkevitch. His claim we consider to be a misrepresentation of the facts regarding our role in the case. We did nothing more than contact the Chicago Tribune in mid-December to apprise that newspaper of the sighting, and to provide Mr. Hilkevitch with details of the case, to include our subjective view of the veracity of the reports, and the apparent credibility of the witnesses. In the final analysis, once we were satisfied that the Chicago Tribune was interested in following up on the case, we contacted eyewitnesses, to request that they contact Mr. Hilkevitch directly, if they were willing to do so.

Contrary to Mr. Hilkevitch's claim during his interview on NPR, we did not attempt to influence him as to what he wrote in his article.

A television interview of Mr. Hilkevitch by CLTV television, Oak Brook, IL, in which he fails to mention the National UFO Reporting Center, or what the ultimate source of his information about this case was, can be viewed here.

Many other publications about the incident can be found on the internet by doing a search for O'Hare Airport UFO.

NOTE: A television interview of one of the witnesses in the case has been filmed, and may appear soon on a national news program.





Melissa Block: In the Chicago Tribune today, this tantalizing headline, "A Bird, A Plane, a UFO?," the report describes a number of workers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, who all say they saw more or less the same unexplainable thing on November 7th.  A large disc shaped object hovering in the sky over an airport gate then shooting off into the clouds.  Jon Hilkevitch wrote this story.  He covers transportation for the Tribune, and joins us now.  Thanks for being with us.

Jon Hilkevitch: You're welcome.

MB: And, Jon, you talked with 6 workers at O’Hare, what more did they tell you about what they saw on November 7th.

JH: Well it’s very interesting because they all tell a very similar story from different vantage points at the airport.  And they saw this gray, metallic object, just below the cloud layer, and this object was stationary for some minutes, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, according to different accounts.

MB: And how big was it, did they say?

JH: Anywhere from 6 feet in diameter, to 24 feet in diameter.

MB: That’s a pretty big difference.

JH: That’s a big difference, but, uh, these were some of the calculations made by some of the UFO watching groups, based on the witness accounts that were given.

MB: Uh huh.  And then they describe it very suddenly taking off?

JH: That’s one of the weird parts too.  Uh, a very thick cloud layer that this craft was hovering below it, but then when it streaked away, it burst through the clouds, and unlike an airplane or a helicopter that would just slice through the clouds, this thing created this big donut hole, uh, vacuum, indicating tremendous energy force as it burst through the clouds and leaving this hole of clear sky that was there for several minutes, until the drifting winds pushed the clouds back together.

MB: Now, when you were talking to these workers at O’Hare, were they saying, ya know, your going to think I’m crazy but this is what I saw?

JH: Yeah, one of them, in fact, when he went to his manager in an email, the manager sent him an email back and said, "Hey, looks like somebody got a hold of your email account and is pulling a hoax."  Um, but, this is anything but.  That’s what impressed me about this.  All aviation professionals, very credible sources and they are very serious.  They are not saying what they saw was a, you know, a spaceship from another planet, but it was unidentified, it was in restricted airspace, and they were concerned from a safety standpoint. That if this was something man-made, they needed to get it out of there because they were having busy flight operations in the early evening hours.

MB: You know, in the course of doing your reporting on this story, you were working along with, in some ways, the UFO Reporting Center.  Did that strike you as odd, in some way?

JH: Yeah, I mean, they kept wanting me to say this was a visit from some other world and further proof that, uh, we, on this planet, are visited regularly by other beings and, uh, you know, to me, I am not qualified, I wasn’t a witness.  What was interesting to me was that United Airlines, after receiving numerous reports, including from high-level management officials, decided to deny that they got any such reports!   I don’t know if they were, felt, embarrassment, or maybe people would think United Airline employees are kooks, or something, by reporting this.  But it’s very odd.  The FAA, at first, too, said they didn’t know what I was talking about when I went to them, they had no reports of this.  It wasn’t until I put a Freedom of Information Request in and they got back to me saying well, were going through the communication tapes from O’Hare tower and by golly, there is a lot of chatter here about this UFO.  So I am waiting for the full communication tapes on the FOIA requests, as well as radar data and we’ll see if there is some follow-up.

MB: Okay. We’ll wait to see what happens.  Jon Hilkevitch.  Thank you very much.

JH: You're welcome.

DECEMBER 15, 2006 UPDATE:  NUFORC has an unconfirmed report from a journalist investigating the O'Hare Airport incident of Nov. 7 (see full details lower on page) that the FAA and the airline involved have declared that the incident did not occur.  We strongly suspect a cover-up may be starting to form.

DECEMBER 07, 2006 UPDATE:  NUFORC has received a second report about this incident from a senior aircraft mechanic, who was taxiing a Boeing 777 at the time of the sighting, and who witnessed the object. His report is here.

ORIGINAL REPORT: The National UFO Reporting Center has received the following information from a single source (see below), who, for the time being, wishes to remain anonymous, and who prefers not to reveal for what entity he works. We have received documentation about the alleged sighting, which satisfies us as to the veracity of the report, and as to the credentials of the party reporting the incident.

We have delayed release of this case, principally because an investigation was begun almost immediately after our receipt of the initial report, and because we were hoping to obtain addition documentation about the sighting, before it could be concealed, or destroyed.

At approximately 16:30 p.m. (Central) on Tuesday, November 07, 2006, Federal authorities at O'Hare Airport received a report that approximately a dozen witnesses were observing a small, round disc-shaped object, metallic in appearance, which hovered over Gate C17 at that airport.

The object was first spotted by an employee, working on the ramp, who was engaged in "pushing back" Flight 446, departing Chicago for Charlotte, NC.

The employee reported to his supervisors that the object appeared to be almost directly above his location at Gate C17, it appeared to be perfectly round, and that its size was approximately equal to a U. S. quarter, held at arm's length. The object had a metallic appearance, according to the first witness, and it appeared to him to be spinning.

The first witness apprised the flight crew of Flight 446 of the existence of the object above their aircraft, and we believe both the pilot and copilot were witness to the bizarre object, as well. The witness also contacted his supervisors, who also witnessed the object, which was visible for approximately 2 minutes.

At the end of that time, the object was seen to suddenly accelerate straight up at a very rapid pace, and it "shot" through the solid overcast, which was at 1,900 feet at the time. The witness added that the object appeared to leave a "hole" in the clouds, where it had streaked upwards through the overcast.

Both the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration were apprised of the event at the time it was occurring, and FAA personnel in one of the towers at O'Hare may have witnessed the object, probably with binoculars. The FAA apparently reported that the object was not visible on radar, although that fact has not been confirmed at the time of this writing.

We hope to be able to release more information about the incident at some time in the near future. In the meantime, we would like to invite anyone who may have been personal witness to the event to submit a report of their sighting, using our Online Report Form. We would be most grateful if you would indicate in your report where you were located, at the time of the sighting, and what the object looked like, from your vantage point.

Here is another, similar, report for a sighting at Gatwick Airport, near London, on April 12, 2006.


TELEPHONED REPORT  FROM MOTHER OF WITNESS: A young woman and her boyfriend were driving near Newport, when they noticed a bizarre, disc-shaped object hovering near the road they were on. They reported that the craft had flashing blue and green lights along the edge of the flange. The daughter asserted that there were approximately ten cars parked on the road, and the occupants were watching the object. Police were present, as well, according to the preliminary report. NUFORC has invited the young woman, and her boyfriend, to submit separate reports. We would welcome reports from any of the other witnesses, as well. The young woman took a photo with a digital camera, at which point, the disc rushed at their car, passing overhead. Full Report


An engineer reports witnessing a disc-shaped object streak overhead followed by aircraft. His report can be read here  Below is a graphic rendition he made of what he saw.


Two pilots, flying a Boeing "Stearman" biplane from Lake Havasu City, AZ, to Palm Springs, California, witnessed a peculiar, ring-shaped formation on the ground. .  When they landed, to inspect the formation, they could not detect it from ground level.  Full Report

Click image for wider view

If anyone knows what the cause of the ring-shaped formation is, we would welcome a report.

MONTAGNY, FRANCE, 20:00 (??) HRS., NOVEMBER 07, 1942

A woman submits a hand-written account of her grandfather's and uncle's sighting of a disc-shaped object on a dark road in NAZI-occupied France. Full Report 


On Tuesday night, November 28, 2006, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephoned report from the Kentucky Emergency Management Agency, alerting us about a report their agency had received from a husband and wife in Hyden, KY.  FULL REPORT  The couple were driving two vehicles on a rural highway near Hyden, when they observed, at approximately 5:00 p.m. (local time) a row of approximately seven blue-green lights in the western sky night sky, apparently moving directly toward them. The husband stated that they stopped their vehicles, and continued to watch the formation for approximately 60 seconds, or perhaps a bit less, he thought.

That was the first of several reports that NUFORC has received from a number of other witnesses of the same event. We received reports from Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska of peculiar green lights moving across the night sky on Tuesday night.

Some news agencies in Alabama have reported that the lights were either meteors, or re-entering space debris. We cannot prove, yet, that this was not the case, although the reports we have received do not appear to us to conform to either of these two possible explanations. Two witnesses in Dacula, Georgia, --((LINK TO REPORT #53693.))-- reported that the green objects they observed were seen below broken clouds, which were approximately 5,000 feet above ground level, at the time.  FULL REPORT

If anyone was witness to this phenomenon, we would be most grateful if you would please submit a short, i.e. 1-3 paragraph, description of your sighting, using the Online Report Form. What we would like to know from your report is what the time of your sighting was; where you were located at the time; what direction you were looking, as you faced the objects; and how they were moving across the sky, i.e. from your left to right, right to left, vertically or horizontally; and whether you were moving, or stationary, at the time of the sighting.

UPDATED ON DECEMBER 07, 2006   We still do not know for certain what the cause of the peculiar lights was. However, one witness in Columbus, Georgia asserts, and provides evidence in support of his statement, that some type of recovery operation may have occurred on November 29, 2006 near that city. He reported that a large area was cordoned off near I-80, in the vicinity of the Pratt & Whitney factory, and that a number of government agencies, both state and federal, were involved in that operation. His report is here. We do not know, yet, whether the event is, in any way related to the interesting sightings from November 28, 2006, but that question is being explored by investigators in the State of Georgia. If anyone knows anything about the apparent recovery effort, we would like to invite them to submit reports, using our Online Report Form.

Thank you!!


We found this report  to be quite intriguing, and not dissimilar to many that NUFORC has received over the years about sightings in past decades. We thought that the visitors to our site might enjoy this report, in particular.


On Tuesday night, November 28, 2006, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephoned report from the Kentucky Emergency Management Agency, alerting us about a report their agency had received from a husband and wife in Hyden, KY. The couple were driving two vehicles on a rural highway near Hyden, when they observed, at approximately 5:00 p.m. (local time) a row of approximately seven blue-green lights in the western sky night sky, apparently moving directly toward them. The husband stated that they stopped their vehicles, and continued to watch the formation for approximately 60 seconds, or perhaps a bit less, he thought.

That was the first of several reports that NUFORC has received from a number of other witnesses of the same event. We received reports from Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alaska of peculiar green lights moving across the night sky on Tuesday night.

Some news agencies in Alabama have reported that the lights were either meteors, or re-entering space debris. We cannot prove, yet, that this was not the case, although the reports we have received do not appear to us to conform to either of these two possible explanations. Two witnesses in Dacula, Georgia, reported that the green objects they observed were seen below broken clouds, which were approximately 5,000 feet above ground level, at the time.

If anyone was witness to this phenomenon, we would be most grateful if you would please submit a short, i.e. 1-3 paragraph, description of your sighting, using the Online Report Form. What we would like to know from your report is what the time of your sighting was; where you were located at the time; what direction you were looking, as you faced the objects; and how they were moving across the sky, i.e. from your left to right, right to left, vertically or horizontally; and whether you were moving, or stationary, at the time of the sighting.

We will post all newly received reports on Thursday, November 30, which will include all of the reports we have received about this incident.


This event was reported on our homepage shortly after it had occurred, but we now have more information about it, which makes it even more baffling.  Two very interesting reports were submitted by 1) an airline pilot, who witnessed the event from his cockpit at 37,000 feet over Wyoming (Full Report), and 2) a woman in Canon City, who claims to have witnessed the peculiar lights for not less than 75 seconds (Full Report).  Both reports we consider to have been submitted by superlative witnesses.  If the estimate by the witness in Canon City of the duration of her sighting is correct, then the object almost certainly was not a meteor, which is what many news sources have labeled the event.


A man, with decades of experience in the military and aviation industry, witnesses a very large, totally silent, triangular shaped craft. (Full Report).  The witness provides this illustration:


A husband and wife observe a very large, V-shaped craft, exhibiting subdued lights on its ventral surface, streak overhead. Full Report 1  Full Report 2   They provided these illustrations of what they observed. 




A hunter discovers a very peculiar area in a field of standing corn, which was laid down in a swirl pattern.  Full Report    The formation is being investigated by the Mutual UFO Network investigators in Pennsylvania, and by BLT Research of Cambridge, MA.  Full Report  

Photo courtesy of Mr. Wayne Gracey, State Director, Mutual UFO Network, Pennsylvania

SANDY, UTAH, OCTOBER 28, 2006, AT 21:41 HRS

A young man witnesses a V-shaped craft, with orange lights on its ventral surface, streak overhead.  Full Report  


Two reports were submitted to NUFORC in rapid sequence from witnesses in Culver City (Full Report) and Cameron Park  (Full Report), California.  In the latter case, a disc-shaped object, with very peculiar lighting on its ventral surface, flew directly over the witness's vehicle.  She got a very good look at it. 


Our Center has received a number of seemingly quite credible reports of a very dramatic aerial event, witnessed from the states of Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, at approximately 23:17 hrs. (Mountain Daylight Time), Sunday night, October 1st, 2006.

COLORADO: Multiple witnesses from Colorado reported to us having witnessed a cluster of lights, which appeared to be moving generally to the southeast.

We received reports from individuals who were located in the towns of Cascade, Hartsel, Fairplay, Boulder, Silverthorne, Grand Junction, McCoy, and Monument, in Colorado.

The witnesses reported a cluster of at least four lights, which were described as being yellow, orange, red, or gold. One of the witnesses was a commercial pilot, with forty years as a military or commercial airline pilot, who, together with his First Officer, witnessed the objects from the cockpit of his airliner. He stated that he had never seen anything like it, and that he had reported the event to the FAA.

NEW MEXICO: The objects were also reported to our Center by witnesses, who were located in the towns of Raton and Silver City. In addition, we understand from members of the media that their offices received multiple reports from the Albuquerque area of the same, or similar cluster of lights.

One peculiar aspect of the report from Silver City is that the witnesses there were looking at the luminescent objects in the western sky, and they were below the mountain tops to the west, and the were seen to be moving from left to right...i.e. to the north.

We would be most grateful if anyone who was witness to these events on the night of October 1st would please take a few minutes to submit a report of their sighting, using our Online Report Form. Please first write a short, factual statement, detailing all aspects of their sighting, and then "Cut & Paste" that text into the "Description" box in our report form, fill in to other boxes on the form, and then click on the "Submit Report" button at the bottom of the report form.

Please include in your description where you were located, what direction you estimate you were looking, how high up you estimate you were looking (i.e. 30 degrees up, 45 degrees up, overhead, etc.), and what direction the objects were moving across the sky.

We will post all reports to our website in the near future.

Thank you!!

Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, Washington State

May 15, 2006

Here are some cases that we think the visitors to our site might find particularly interesting:

1) SEATTLE, WA - On Sunday night, March 19, 2006, at 23:20 hrs. (Pacific), a witness in the Mountlake Terrace neighborhood of Seattle, located approximately 15 miles north of the Space Needle, witnessed a very peculiar fireball pass across the southern sky, traveling approximately northwest to southeast. Full Report   The witness created a very nice animated graphic of her sighting, which can be seen here.  Other witnesses in Kelso, WA, apparently witnessed the same event. Full Report

2) PORTLAND, OR - On Saturday night, April 29, 2006, at 23:50 hrs. (Pacific), several witnesses near downtown Portland, OR, witnessed at least two clusters of very unusual, red, self-luminous, disc-shaped objects over the downtown area. Everyone reported the event in similar terms, and NUFORC still has not been able to identify the objects. If anyone witnessed the event, we would invite them to submit additional reports, using our Online Report Form. If anyone knows what the lights were, we would welcome hearing from the party.

3) PAINTSVILLE, KY - We received a report about a very interesting, and apparently dramatic, collision between a freight train, and a suspected UFO near Paintsville, KY, during the early morning hours of January 14, 2002. If anyone visiting our website knows anything about this event, we would invite the person to contact our Center to share what they know. Full Report

PORTLAND, OR, APRIL 29/30, 2006

NUFORC has received a number of reports from the Portland, OR, area, regarding a number of very interesting sightings that occurred at approximately midnight, Saturday night, April 29, 2006. The duration of the event was approximately ten minutes. Many citizens there have reported having witnessed at least two groups of brightly lighted objects, seen moving over the downtown area of Portland, where they reportedly hovered briefly, and then disappeared to the south. Shortly after the first sighting, a second formation of similar objects was seen.

We have elected not to report here the details of the event until we have received as many independent reports from other witnesses as possible.  Under circumstances like those reported in this case, the first possibility we usually address is whether the lights might have been part of a nighttime advertising display. Such displays are reported to our Center frequently. However, in this case, our preliminary assessment is that the objects were not projected beams of light, either laser-based or incandescent.

If anyone in the Portland area was witness to the event, we would be most grateful if he/she would submit a short, factual statement regarding the sighting, using our ONLINE REPORT FORM. We would like to know 1) where the witness was located at the time of the sighting, 2) what direction he/she was looking, 3) how the objects moved across the sky, i.e. from left to right, right to left, overhead, etc., 4) how many object were observed, and 5) what they looked like. Any other information would be useful. Please be as precise, and complete, as you can, in describing what you saw.

Thank you!  We will be posting all newly received reports as soon as we can get them proofread and posted.

NOTICE: We apologize for the delay in posting newly received reports to our site. The delay is explained, in part, by the fact that we are in the process of moving the National UFO Reporting Center to a new location in Washington State, and the move is taking the bulk of our time. We hope to be ensconced in our new location by not later than the end of May.

However, there are other factors involved in our delay in posting, which visitors to our site, and those who use our Online Report Form, have a significant effect on. I discuss them below:


Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on our Online Report Form before filling it out! Even though the instructions clearly request that people not include personal information, e.g. names (either last or first), addresses, telephone numbers, e-addresses, website addresses, etc., in the "DESCRIPTION" box of the form, almost one half of the reports contain such personal information, which, if it is left in the "Description," can be used to identify individuals who were involved in the sighting. In order for us to fulfill our guarantee that people's identity will no be revealed, all of that personal information has to be removed manually, a very time-consuming task. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!

Also, regarding reports, we, once again, request that people please strive to submit only reports that are carefully prepared, i.e. which are literate, factual, grammatically correct, and which use proper punctuation, capital letters, complete sentences, and which, generally speaking, can be easily read. Please break the text up into logical paragraphs, rather than clumping your report into one, massive blob of text!! If you are not experienced in composing text, you might consider asking a friend for assistance, and please consider running the text of your report through a computer spell-checker.


PLEASE do not use our Report Form to submit false information! This message is directed, in particular, to those school-age children, who are flooding our Center with falsified reports. Each one of those reports has to be inspected and discarded, a screening process, which in recent months, has begun to consume significant quantities of our time.  At least one-half of all the reports we now receive are, or appear to us to be, prank reports. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A HOAXED WRITTEN REPORT!!


PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR HOTLINE FOR PRANK CALLS.  Whereas only five or ten percent of the calls submitted to our Center as recently as a few years ago, were prank calls, now the percentage is as high as eighty or ninety percent! NUFORC is now being flooded with prank calls, each one of which is a serious nuisance to us, and is an impediment to our operation. Most of these prank calls are being placed by young children and students, and many of them amount to little more than unmitigated filth. We are very tired of this stupidity, and we are asking all users of our facility to avoid using our services so callously.

If this flood of prank calls continues, we simply will not be able to continue staffing our telephone Hotline. We already are severely overworked, and we do not welcome having to handle what has become dozens of abusive calls per day from ill-disciplined children. Moreover, we may begin posting the telephone numbers of those repeat offenders, such that their parents may deal with the problem directly. In that event, we hope that the parents will consider removing the cell phones from the offending individuals.

Peter Davenport will appear as emcee at the seventh annual "McMenamins UFO Fest," to be held at McMenamins Hotel in downtown McMinnville, OR, on May 19-21, 2006. The featured speaker will be DR. JESSE MARCEL, JR., who, as a young boy in July 1947, was allowed by his father, USAF Major Jesse Marcel, to handle fragments of what the Air Force thought was a crashed flying saucer. For details about the conference, please see


Many people are reporting "sightings" of both SIRIUS, a bright star visible in the evening and nighttime sky, and the planet VENUS, currently visible in the eastern sky before sunrise. Depending on the condition of the atmosphere, both of these two celestial bodies can be very bright, and very eye-catching, but neither of them is a genuine UFO.

SIRIUS is a so-called "twinkling" star, and it is very bright, so it is quite prominent in the evening sky. It is located approximately ten degrees to the left of the constellation, "Orion," and it appears to "rise" in the eastern sky, beginning in the early evening, and it moves with the other stars across the southern sky throughout the night. It often is seen to "flicker," and to give off different colors of light, appearing somewhat like a diamond being illuminated by a very bright white light.

VENUS is visible in the eastern sky before sunrise, and it is extremely bright, sometimes appearing through light cloud or overcast. It becomes progressively dimmer toward sunrise, as the Sun rises from the eastern horizon, and as the morning sky becomes brighter.

Please note that both of these celestial bodies will appear different to different observers, depending on their vision, and depending on the condition of the atmosphere. Also, they will appear to move around the sky, if the observer has been staring at them for more than a few seconds. However, they appear every night and morning, respectively, which should provide a person with a hint that they are not UFO's.

Our Center is receiving many reports of these two objects, sometimes a dozen or more per day, and it would be a big help to us if people would first establish that they are not looking at either of these two objects, before submitting a "UFO" report, or telephoning our Hotline. If you have any uncertainty as to what you are observing, we suggest that you contact a friend who is familiar with the night or morning sky, and who can determine whether the object you are looking at is, in any way, unusual and out of place. Every report of a normal celestial body we do not have to process saves our time, and consequently, is a big help to us.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter!!


We include below two of  the many intriguing graphic illustrations, which have been submitted to NUFORC over the last month.  We will be posting more graphics in the near future. 

AUSTIN, TEXAS, Sunday, December 12, 2005 @ 22:30 hrs.

A young couple reported witnessing a bizarre triangular-shaped object pass overhead in the night sky.  One of the witnesses provides this illustration, showing the strange pattern of lights on the wings of the object.  Full Report


CANADA, June 1992 @ 23:20 hrs

A former member of the U. S. military reports a very peculiar sighting while he stood guard duty during a joint U. S./Canada military training exercise in June 1992.  If anyone else was witness to the alleged event at the time, we would welcome additional reports.  Thank you!.  Full Report

On November 9, 2005. NPR hostess Madeleine Brand interviewed Ms. Susan Clancy, a psychologist at Harvard University, about her newly published book, "Abducted: How People Come to Believe that They Were Kidnapped by Aliens."   NUFORC does not share or endorse the opinions she expressed, however we provide here
the text of that interview for informational purposes.   We strongly encourage visitors to compare the comments made by Ms. Clancy with the published works of well-known abduction researchers such as Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.; Dr. David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.; Mr. Budd Hopkins; Dr. John E. Mack, M.D..; Mr. John Carpenter.  These researchers have examined the abduction phenomenon in far greater detail than Dr. Clancy has, we believe, and they have reached quite opposite conclusions.

You can read on the INTRUDERS FOUNDATION website the views of Budd Hopkins on the work done by Dr. Clancy, and her co-investigator, Dr. Richard McNally, Ph.D.. Among the many points that Mr. Hopkins makes in his discussion is that neither of the two collaborators ever contacted him or Dr. David Jacobs, arguably two of the world's most experienced abduction researchers, to discuss their techniques for screening subjects in order to separate the more serious-minded candidates from those individuals who almost certainly have not experienced contact with aliens. Although NUFORC does not focus on the abduction phenomenon, we nevertheless recognize the necessity of performing this screening function, given the number of seemingly frivolous claims that are often made by individuals in this arena.

Late Friday night, September 30, 2005, our offices began receiving reports of several peculiar, red lights, seen in the night sky above Tinley Park and Orland, Illinois.  According to the several written reports we have received to date, two sightings occurred, one at approximately 23:15 hrs.  (Central Daylight Time), and a second at approximately 01:10 hrs. on Saturday morning, October 1st.  Similar sightings occurred in the same area on August 21st and October 31st, 2004.

If anyone in that area of Chicago was witness to these lights, we would very much like to have those individuals submit reports, using our ONLINE REPORT FORM, indicating where the witnesses were located at the time of the sighting, and the direction, and angle of elevation, they were looking, as they faced the objects.

We have sent many of the reports to DR. MARK RODIGHIER, PH.D., Director of the CENTER FOR UFO STUDIES, near Chicago, and Mr. DAVE MARLER, Illinois State Director for the MUTUAL UFO NETWORK, who are co-coordinating the follow-up investigation of the incident.

We do not know what the objects are, but we hope to explain the cause of the incident through investigation. We will post all reports to our website in the near future.

NUFORC received an interesting report from a gentleman in St. Louis, who provided this image of what he and his wife witnessed in the daytime sky on June 2nd, 2005:

The craft moved in the irregular manner shown below:

On Friday morning, July 8th, 2005, our Center received a telephoned report from two adults, a young man, and his older aunt, who reported having experienced a peculiar, and dramatic sighting near Boise, ID, shortly after midnight on the same date.   They were witness to a peculiar object that streaked across the top of their car in the matter of just a few seconds, apparently illuminating the interior of their vehicle, as it passed overhead.  The next morning, both witnesses experienced burning of the eyes, emotional upset, and the young man discovered a peculiar burn mark on his left foot.   Full Report 1   Full Report 2  

The images at right show a diagram of the sighting and a shot of the mark that was left on one person's foot.  Click them to enlarge to full size.

Both witnesses, in addition to a third party who was witness to some elements of the report, will be interviewed live on the COAST-TO-COAST RADIO PROGRAM, hosted by GEORGE NOORY, beginning at 10:00 p.m. on Friday night, July 15, 2005. Details on how to find the program in your area can be found at

Our Center just received this report from a young woman in Scarborough, Canada, of a sighting on Thursday night, July 14, at approx 23:45 hrs. (local) . She provided this graphic  of what the object allegedly looked like, and bizarre manner in which it reportedly moved across the night sky.


On Wednesday afternoon, July 13, 2005, we received a telephoned report from a young man who works as an aerospace engineer in the Seattle area, who reported having witnessed the bizarre object depicted below, seen hovering just east of Interstate 5 near downtown Seattle. He, and several other witnesses in the vehicle with him, were locked in rush-hour traffic, moving very slowly, so they were able to view the object for an extended period of time, and very carefully.  Surprisingly, they reportedly witnessed the same, or a similar, object when they were 8-10 miles further north, near the town of Shoreline, several minutes later. If anyone witnessed this object, or managed to photograph it, we would invite them to telephone our Center, and to submit a written report.


In February 2005, NUFORC received a report of a peculiar event, recorded by a fisheye sky camera located at the observatory in Haleakala, Hawaii.  Given that the object moved counter to the apparent motion of celestial objects in the nighttime sky, and continued to do so for approximately 20-25 minutes, it seems to us to be quite unusual.  The recorded image can be seen at the following address:

We have attempted to contact the group that maintains the camera system, but have not succeeded in finding out whether the anomalous object has been identified, yet.   If anyone knows what the object is, we would welcome a communication.

NUFORC recently received a report from a gentleman in Florida, who, together with his wife, experienced a very dramatic sighting of a large triangular craft that streaked overhead, as the two of them sat outside awaiting the launch of the Space Shuttle from Cape Canaveral. Given the background of the witnesses, and the distinct similarity between the object they report, and the many triangular craft reported from other locations, we feel that the case deserves special attention here. The husband served as a senior law enforcement official for several decades.  Full Report


RECENT SIGHTINGS OF TRIANGULAR-SHAPED CRAFT - NUFORC has received a number of very interesting reports recently of triangular-shaped craft, exhibiting unconventional lighting patterns, and unusual maneuvering capabilities.

Kirkland WA, May 13, 2005 - This report was submitted by a seemingly quite credible witness of the early morning sighting depicted at right.  Click here for more images

Noble, OK, May 27, 2005 - In addition, we just received a report from a very credible-sounding gentleman in Noble, OK, who recounts having witnessed a very peculiar event from his home on Friday night, May 27, 2005. He reports that he witnessed a very bizarre-looking, fast-moving, triangular-shaped object being pursued by what he thought was a military fighter aircraft. The object appeared to simply "toy" with the fighter, he reports, maneuvering dramatically in a fashion that he thought was not characteristic of any type of conventional aircraft he is familiar with. The witness reports that the object, after several minutes, simply streaked out of the area.  The witness is going to contact local media, law enforcement, military, and FAA offices, to explore whether other people in the are might have witnessed, and reported, the same event. If anyone reading this report was witness to the same event, we would welcome additional reports, preferably submitted via the NUFORC Online Report Form. Thank you!!

We are pleased to be able to announce that we finally have succeeded in proof-reading, and posting to our site, all of the many reports that were submitted to NUFORC, principally as a result of the ABC program, UFO's: Seeing is Believing, which first aired on Thursday, February 24th, 2005. To provide some idea of the volume of work this task entailed, whereas NUFORC typically receives, and posts, approximately 200-400 reports per month, our Center has received approximately 2,800 reports since that broadcast. We would like to direct visitors to our site to a few of some of the most interesting reports that have been submitted to us recently, many of them as a result, we believe, of the ABC program:

Montgomery, AL, May 19, 2005 - Airline crew witnesses strange object streak ahead of their aircraft at extremely high altitude.

Edwardsville, IL, May 18, 2005 - MUFON/ILLINOIS State Director, MR. DAVE MARLER, witnesses very peculiar object in the skies above his home. His first sighting of a suspected UFO.

Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean Sea, May 18, 2005 - A couple, vacationing on a cruise ship, witness a peculiar, red object streak across the sky, stop, then move off in a different direction.

Emory, TX, May 13, 2005 - A man, who is well know to the UFO community, together with his wife, witness a bizarre, three-tiered, lighted object hovering in the night sky. They first mistake it for a light pole, but it turns out to be something else.   He provided the graphic to the right.

West St. Paul, MN, March 08, 2005 - Father and son witness a peculiar, light-blue sphere descend out of the night sky, and apparently land in a nearby park.

Erie, PA, July 3, 1994 - An airline flight attendant, and several passengers, witness a peculiar formation from an aircraft.

Canadian, TX, January 15, 1993 - A Texas State Police Officer, together with three other adult witnesses, observe a massive, triangular object hover above a highway, and illuminate the ground with a beam of light.


We just received the following report from a gentleman, who, as a 13-year old boy, allegedly was witness to a "dogfight" between three RAF P-51's, and a gray, "hat-shaped" UFO on, or about, the last day of fighting in Denmark, May 4th, 1945.  Because of the timeliness of the report, relative to the end of WWII, we thought we would post the report immediately.  The gentleman who submitted the report is seeking to contact the pilots, two of whom, at last report, are still alive. We may post the pilots' names, and their Squadron number, in the near future.  In the meantime, however, we would welcome contact from anyone who might be able to provide us with more information about the incident. We would like to put the witness in touch with those pilots, and we would very much welcome reports from those two gentlemen of their recollections of the alleged event.

Full Report

Peculiar military craft witnessed near Sydney, Texas

This object was witnessed by a seemingly quite qualified observer near Sydney, Texas, on April 9th, 2005. Given the lettering on its side, we suspect that it is a craft flown by the U. S. military. If anyone recognizes the object, and knows what it is, please contact our Center with details. Thank you!

Full Report

UPDATE - 5/11

Following our posting of the sighting report above, we have received a number of messages critical of our decision to post a report that clearly was not UFO-related. One of the most harsh is submitted by a person, who points out what he/she believes to be inconsistencies in the report. Those comments can be read here.

We wish to emphasize that we did not post that report to suggest that we thought the object reportedly seen there had any relationship to the UFO phenomenon, and we believe we made that clear in the original posting. Our objective in posting is was to attempt to have other possible witnesses to the alleged object come forward and submit reports, as well, if they had been witness to the peculiar craft.


This illustration was provided by the witness to a sighting of a wedge-shaped object near Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada. We spoke with the witness via telephone, and he sounded to us to be unusually credible and objective. Full Report

In Lancaster, CA the triangular shaped craft depicted below crossed the freeway traveling East directly in front of a man's truck at about 50 to 75 feet in altitude. 
Full Report

On the night of Dec. 13th while watching the meteor shower,  a witness saw a large, silent, and completely dark object depicted below travel across the sky.  The circle represents the relative size of the moon.  Full Report


A gentleman from Blue Springs, Missouri witnessed two very strange looking, unlighted objects streak over his head at approximately 20:15 hrs. (CST) on Monday, December 13, 2004, as he sat in his hot tub. The witness has substantial experience in the aviation industry, with many thousands of hours of flight time, and he stated that he has never seen such objects in his life. Full Report


A peculiar formation of three red lights, seen by hundreds of witnesses on the ground in the communities of Tinley Park, Orland Park, Oak Forest, Frankfort, and Mokena, Illinois (near Chicago), was reported to NUFORC on Sunday night, October 31, 2004. The local police department is reported to have been flooded with calls from citizens, curious to know what the cause of the lights was.  Larger Image  Video

The formation appears to be indistinguishable from a formation of three red lights that was reported from the same general area on Saturday night, August 21st, 2004 (see article below).

Given that the lights reportedly were simultaneously visible over a broad area seems to suggest that the individual lights are fairly large, high-power sources of illumination. Moreover, the lights were visible by observers from as far away as twelve miles, further underscoring our suspicion that the lights were not the product of some sort of hoax, despite their appearance on the night of Halloween.

We would like to invite any witnesses to either of these two events (August
21 and October 31) to submit brief statements of fact, to include the following information: 1) the precise time of their sighting, 2) the precise location of the witness at the time of the sighting, 3) the direction the witness was looking at the time of the sighting, e.g. a compass heading, if possible, and 4) the estimated angle of elevation (in degrees) at which the witness was looking. We encourage all witnesses to first prepare, using a word processing program, a short, factual statement, which describes their sighting, and then copy their report to our Online Report Form.

Field Investigators of the Illinois Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), supervised by State Director, Mr. Dave Marler, are actively investigating the two incidents. Mr. Marler may be reached at; the MUFON Field Investigator, Mr. Sam Maranto, may be reached at The reports shared with our Center will be forwarded to these individuals to assist them in their follow-up investigation.  If anyone knows what the origin of the lights may be, we would be most grateful for a communication on this matter. Thank you!

Prepared by: Peter B. Davenport, Director, NUFORC, November 2, 2004

During the week of August 16-22, NUFORC received reports of two interesting events, described below, which we would like to receive more information about.

CASE #1: TWIN CITIES, MN, August 19, 2004

The first incident involved one, or possibly two, unidentified white objects, which were seen by many witnesses over the Twin Cities, MN, area on the afternoon of Thursday, August 19. At first, we assumed that the object(s) might be high-altitude, helium-filled balloons, carrying scientific instruments, since measurement by witnesses suggested they were at, or above, an altitude of 50,000 feet. This suspicion was enhanced, we felt, when we received a statement from an FAA office, informing our Center that the National Weather Service facility at Chanhassen, MN, had reported that their office had launched weather balloons on August 19th.

However, when our offices spoke with that NWS facility on August 20, the personnel there stated that they had launched no balloons on the prior day, and that they thought that the object might be a large Canadian balloon, launched as part of the Canadian "MANTRA" scientific project to study nitrogen levels in the atmosphere. Thinking that the mystery had been solved, we then discovered that although that MANTRA project had announced publicly that they would be launching a large balloon during August, it had not yet been launched, as of August 20.

Hence, at this writing (August 24th), we still do not know what the white objects were, a mystery which also has yet to be solved by several local news stations in the Twin Cities.

We would like to invite witnesses to the event to submit short reports of their sighting, using our Online Report Form. It would be helpful if the witnesses would state where they were located, at the time of their sighting, and the direction and angle of elevation at which they were looking, as they viewed the object.

The reports NUFORC has already received can be seen in the data for August 2004.

CASE #2: CHICAGO, IL, August 21, 2004

Last Saturday night, many witnesses observed several peculiar, distinctly red, lights in the vicinity of Tinley Park and Orland Park, IL. One of the witnesses captured the peculiar lights on video, and has shared the image at right from her video.  (Click image for larger view)

If anyone witnessed the lights, or if anyone knows what their cause is, e.g.
advertising lights, we would very much like to obtain whatever information, which might provide an explanation for the phenomenon. Since a similar event was reported from Tinley Park for April 24, 2004, we cannot help but wonder whether the events might be being caused by someone with a red laser, or some other type of high-power advertising light.

The reports from the Tinley Park area can be seen in the reports for August 2004.

We received a very interesting report from Mr. Ray Stanford, a celebrated and well known UFO investigator for many decades, who, together with his wife, witnessed a peculiar object near College Park, MD, on the evening of August 12. Full Report  We express our gratitude to Mr. Stanford for his having shared the information with NUFORC, and for his having provided us with an illustration of the object. Any witnesses to this object, or to any similar object on the same date, are encouraged to contact Mr. Sanford directly at, to provide him with additional information about the object.

A witness to a low flying triangular craft over interstate 5 on July 12 supplied the following drawing.  Full report

On Sunday night, June 20, 2004, at approximately 23:55 hrs. (Pacific), NUFORC received a telephone call from an adult male, who reported just having witnessed a very peculiar object in the clear night sky above Seattle. We met with the witness on the following day, and this is the written report and graphic he provided:

We found the individual to be a sincere, objective, sober-minded witness. We suspect his report is quite credible. 
Full Report

A second sighting over Seattle, which allegedly had occurred 14 minutes earlier, was reported by another adult male.
Full Report   Th

On Friday evening, March 26, 2004, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephoned report from a mother and son of a reportedly dramatic sighting of two discs in Bradenton, FL, at 1950 hrs. (Eastern Standard Time). We spoke at length with the mother, whom we found to be quite objective in her description of the incident. We suspect that both witnesses are quite credible. To read their reports, please click here:  mother's sighting report   son's report   The detailed graphic shown here is provided by the witnesses, and illustrates the unusual manner in which the objects allegedly were seen to move across the western sky. NUFORC would welcome reports from any other witnesses who might have seen the same objects.

We were first alerted to a June 18 sighting in eastern Tennessee by Mr. Kim Shaffer, MUFON State Director for eastern Tennessee. He has met with the witness, and reports that he finds the individual, who is retired from the U. S. military, to be an exceptionally good witness. We have corresponded with the witness, and our impression of the witness is the same as that of Mr. Shaffer. Full Report  The daytime photograph of the peculiar object, taken through the windshield of the witness's car, follows:


We received a report from an individual in Sonora, CA, who apparently captured some unusual footage of an object that may have been in proximity to a high-altitude jet airliner over California at approximately 16:36 hrs. (Pacific) on June 10, 2004. Full Report    We have looked at the footage, and find it to be of interest, although we have not yet been able to rule out the possibility that the object might be an insect in proximity to the video camera. Click here to view video.


NUFORC has received a number of reports from the Phoenix area of a peculiar cluster of lights that were seen there on the evenings of June 14 and 15, 2004. Full Report  

One of the witnesses to the event is a photography professional, and he provided this photo from the video footage he captured of the event at approximately 20:40 hrs. (Pacific) on Monday, June 14, looking to the southwest over Phoenix:


Given the peculiar shutdown of three nuclear reactors at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station at 07:45 hrs. on June 14, which currently is under investigation by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Please see, we would welcome reports from anyone who might have been witness to the cluster of lights, or from anyone who can provide more information about either event.

We emphasize that we have no suspicion at this time that there is any relationship between these two events, which occurred at different times.  We simply would like more information about either event, which we will pass along to investigators in the Phoenix area. If you were witness to the lights on either June 14 or 15, we would be most grateful if you would submit a short report, using our Online Report Form, indicating your location at the time of the sighting, and the direction you estimate you were looking, as you faced the formation of lights. Thank you!

ADDENDUM TO ORIGINAL POSTING: Phoenix, AZ--Since our posting about the peculiar lights seen on June 14 and 15, 2004, from multiple points in the greater Phoenix area, we have received a number of communications from people about the event, which lead us to a tentative conclusion that the lights probably were flares over Gila Bend Firing Range, located approximately 60 miles to the southwest of Phoenix. One of the witnesses, who is known to our Center, witnessed the lights with high-quality binoculars, and he reported the following:

"As luck would have it, when I got home last night, at about 8:45, I noticed two of the "lights" in the southwest sky. I got my 7X50 Nikons and carefully watched them for about 3 minutes. Definitely flares, with the Nikons I was able to make out the faint smoke trail they emitted and watched them until they finally burned out."

We express our gratitude to the above witness, as well as to George Noory (of "Coast to Coast" radio program), "Dr. Sky," and "Rob" for the parts they played in following up on the event, and for their sharing the findings with NUFORC. What military unit may have launched the flares is still under investigation.

We do not know what caused the shutdown of the three nuclear reactors at the Palo Verde site on June 14, but we strongly suspect that the event had nothing to do with the display of flares, despite reports of fireballs seen, and apparently videotaped, on the high-voltage lines near the station just before its shutdown.

A woman delivering newspapers near McFall, MO, witnessed a perfectly spherical, red object streak horizontally across the sky on Tuesday morning, May 4th, 2004. This is her illustration of what the event looked like. Full Report.

Object reported to approach airliner near Lincoln, NE

Monday night, NUFORC received a telephone report from a gentleman in Lincoln, NE, who reported having witnessed a peculiar object approach a high-altitude jet airliner, pace the aircraft to the west for a short time, and suddenly disappear from sight. The reported event occurred at 2300 hrs. on Monday, April 26, 2004. (Full Report)

We feature the report here because of two similar reports we have received recently. The other incidents occurred in the vicinity of Omaha, NE, (reported by the Minneapolis FAA Air Route Traffic Control Center) on March 25th (Full Report), and near Port Clements, British Columbia, on April 21st. (Full Report) The latter case is under investigation by UFOBC.

Cluster of dramatic sightings near Rochester, Indiana, on Thursday night, April 8, 2004

NUFORC received several reports in rapid succession from the vicinity of Rochester, IN, from individuals claiming to have witnessed a large, disc-shaped object, with 4-6 yellow lights or windows, hovering and moving slowly across the night sky. One couple estimated that the object subtended an arc of approximately 60 degrees, and was within 100 feet of their home. Witnesses near Rochester and Leiters Ford, IN, experienced peculiar power failures, or "brown outs," on two occasions.   The case is under investigation by the Indiana Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.  For more information see the April 8th reports.

An adult female in Orlando, FL, reports that at approximately 0600 hrs.(EDT) on Thursday, April 15, 2004, she witnessed a most peculiar, self-luminous object hovering and moving just outside the screened window in her bedroom. Interestingly, as she was looking at the object, in amazement, a stray cat, whom the witness was in the habit of feeding, rounded a corner of the house, and immediately noticed the object, too. At that moment, the object suddenly darted away from the window in what the witness described as faster than "the bat of an eye." Full Report with Detailed Graphics

Recent reports from senior military officers

We would like to call special attention to several reports submitted by retired senior military officers. The first involves a sighting in October 1949 in San Marcos, TX, by a young boy, who eventually became a general officer in the U. S. military. Full Report.  Another interesting report involves the incursion of a disc-shaped craft into the perimeter of a missile base in Rapid City, SD in June 1965. Full Report 

Mr. John P. Timmerman, former Chairman of the Center for UFO Studies, long-time colleague of the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and Treasurer of that organization since 1980, will retire from that position on Saturday, April 3rd, 2004, remaining both an active Member of the Board, and Public Relations Officer.

Our Center has had numerous contacts with John over the last decade, and has shared countless cases and reports with him during my tenure at the National UFO Reporting Center. Our many communications with him have been one of the high points of our activities here in Seattle during that time. We would like to publicly congratulate him for his quarter century of active, and selfless, contribution to the field of ufology, and for his excellence in pursuit of the UFO phenomenon. We hope he will continue to share his knowledge with those of us who got into the field of ufology later than he did. Had there been just a few more hard workers like him in ufology over recent decades, we suspect that the mystery of the UFO phenomenon might have been unraveled by now.

John is writing a book about his experiences in ufology, which may be available soon, and which may be announced on the CUFOS website.

Peter Davenport, Director, NUFORC


A report was submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center by an FAA Air Traffic Controller, who reports having received a radioed UFO sighting report from the crew of an airliner, flying in the vicinity of Omaha, Nebraska, at approximately 1900 hrs. (Central) on Thursday night, March 25, 2004. The full report can be read here.  The case is under investigation by the National Reporting Center for Aerial Phenomena ( We would very much like to have the crew members, who reported the incident to the FAA, submit written accounts of their sighting.  We express our gratitude to the FAA for their willingness to share the information!


On March 23 a strange UFO was sighted over Santa Monica .  The witness supplied the following report and graphic:

The craft or possibly crafts came from the West out over the Pacific Ocean. It was flying much higher than the Commercial Jet Traffic over Los Angeles. It looked like 4 shiny metallic spheres traveling at a very high velocity together. They passed over the Los Angeles Valley then went over the Mountains to the east of Burbank heading East - North East. Less than 2 minutes passed from the time I spotted the object over the Pacific to the time it went over Los Angeles and over the mountains East of Burbank and out of sight. The craft was much bigger than a Commercial Jet and as it rotated up it formed the classical Chevron Shape.

I've made several 3D renderings of what I saw to help explain.

1: View of approaching craft from over the Pacific - balls parallel to the ground

2: Chevron shape it formed when it rotated upward

3: Object rotates back to 4 balls together flying parallel to the ground

4: Object slightly rotated

That is what I saw and it was a crystal clear windless day. The craft appeared  metallic/chrome in color. The very high craft appeared much larger than the lower flying Commercial Planes approaching LAX. There have to be some pilot reports on this was a clear day with unlimited visibility.

More details can be found here.

On Sunday evening, March 21, 2004, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephoned report from two young women, who reported having been witness to a landing of a peculiar craft near Kingfisher, Oklahoma. They first observed two intensely bright lights in the night sky, which suddenly descended vertically, and seemed to land nearby. The young women drove by the object, but then decided to turn around on the highway, in order to get another look at the peculiar object. Both witnesses reported that other vehicles were parked on the highway, as well, and the occupants seemed to the women to be looking at the object. The reports of the two witnesses can be seen here:  Report 1  Report 2    The case is currently under active investigation by the Oklahoma chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, which had an investigator on site with a few hours of the sighting.  Preliminary findings are interesting, and more information may be available in the near future.

The National UFO Reporting Center received four particularly interesting sighting reports on March 18th. The reports are summarized below:

BROOKSVILLE, FL, 0500 hrs. (Eastern), March 18, 2004: A gentleman was driving west on a rural highway near Brooksville, FL, when he noticed a cluster of distinctly red lights, some distance ahead, which he was unable to ascribe to any type of vehicle he was familiar with. When he got within an estimated 400 feet of the objects, each of which was some 5 inches in diameter, he thought, they suddenly all streaked off in different directions. He reported the incident to the local sheriff's office, and the personnel there stated that they are well acquainted with the witness, and they consider him to be highly reliable.  Full Report

YAKIMA, WA, 2010 hrs. (Pacific), March 17, 2004: A young man reports witnessing three small, flat, gold-colored lights fly in formation across a nearby ridge, and then down across a nearby open field. Suddenly, they accelerated and flew off into the night sky.  Full Report

ELLENSBURG, WA, 22:50 hrs. (Pacific), March 17, 2004: A college student observes a very peculiar looking, diamond-shaped cluster of eight red and blue lights hovering over the downtown area. He stops his truck to get a better look at the object, and then started following it as it started moving slowly to the west. Suddenly, the cluster of lights reportedly accelerated at a dramatic pace, and streaked to the west, disappearing over the mountains to the west within seconds. He managed to get a digital photo of the object, and will send a copy to NUFORC.  The image below is an artists rendering.  Full Report

VAIL, COLORADO, 1215 hrs. (Mountain), March 18, 2004: Two adult witnesses watch as a round, orange object passed in proximity to a USAF C-17 aircraft, and then flew away to the north, disappearing from the witnesses' sight within a minute. One of the observers is a pilot.

This graphic is provided by one of the several adult witnesses to a peculiar object in the night sky near Chanute, Kansas, on March 09, 2004.  They reported that they chased it with their car for approximately 11 miles, but they gave up after it moved away from their car and disappeared over the horizon. They reported seeing the same, or similar, object on the subsequent night. We are awaiting a report for that alleged sighting.

On Feb 14, a blue fireball was widely sighted over the east coast.  One of the witnesses supplied this image depicting the event.  Check our sighting index for February for further details.

A small ovoid object observed coming in from the San Gabriel mountains and hovering over Pasadena on March 2.  The full report can be read here.

On Sunday evening, February 29, 2004, NUFORC received a telephoned report from a family in Brooklyn, MD, who asserted that they had witnessed a disc-shaped object just outside their home. The two young daughters had witnessed a bright flash, which penetrated the heavy drapes on their bedroom window and allegedly filled the room with very bright light. They rushed to the window, opened the drapes, and witnessed a brightly lighted disc, hovering within an estimated 30 feet of their window. After an estimated 5-10 seconds, the disc began moving away from the home slowly, and then accelerated at a breath-taking rate.  The mother reported also having seen two flashes, and witnessed the object streak off. Other neighbors reportedly also witnessed the event.  (image supplied by daughter)

Multiple sighting occur the evening of February 14, 2004, all across the U. S.

On Saturday night, February 14, NUFORC received multiple, seemingly independent, reports from across the United States, to include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Alberta (Canada), and perhaps California. We do not know what the objects were, but their movement across the U. S., from New York State to Oklahoma at least, appears to have occurred very quickly, and in the proper chronological sequence for corroboration of the reported sightings. We would welcome reports from any other witnesses to the events.

Amityville, NY, February 16, 2004.

We would like to call special attention to a sighting report from Amityville, NY, telephoned in on February 16, 2004.  The dramatic nature of the sighting, combined with the unusual background of the witness, suggests to us that the event was quite unusual, and that it was reported sincerely and accurately.

NUFORC has received several impressive new reports of classic flying saucers, which we highlight here.

The first two images portray an object allegedly witnessed by an adult couple in Ft. Myers, FL, at approximately 1430 hrs. (EST) on Sunday, January 04, 2004. The object was seen to be hovering, dipping, bobbing, and maneuvering just below light clouds. Because of the line of work the principal witness is in, he has declined numerous appeals to make a radio appearance to describe his sighting. His written report can be read here.

The second two saucer images are from the following report:  At approximately 1100 hrs. (Pacific) on July 27, 2003, an adult male was watching an aerobatic display by two jet aircraft during a break in the hydroplane races on the Columbia River near Richland, WA, when his attention was drawn to a tiny, metallic-appearing disc in the daytime sky. He, together with another adult bystander, watched the object for an estimated 20 minutes as it maneuvered against a clear blue, cloudless sky. The witness has a very strong technical background, and holds a very responsible position with a public agency. His report can be read here.

At approximately 1945 hrs. (EDT) on August 02, 2003, Mr. Kim Shaffer, a MUFON Field Investigator in Bristol, TN, captured on video tape a disc-shaped object, which was seen to perform complex maneuvers in the clear blue, cloudless sky. His report can be read here. The tape is some of the most dramatic video footage of an unidentified object we have seen in quite some time. We provide here two still images taken from the tape.


The witness to the October 25, 2003, sighting in Trotwood, OH, at 22:40 hrs., provided this graphic of what she had seen to Ms. Donnie Blessing, Southern Ohio State Section Director for MUFON, who conducted a follow-up investigation of the case. We express our gratitude to both parties.

A strange object was seen over Los Angeles International airport on Nov 27.  The witness has provided detailed analysis of flight paths and some stunning graphics which can be viewed here.

On 11/22 the W shaped object depicted to the right was sighted over Bergenfield, NJ.  Full report

The Missouri Investigators Group has filed a follow up report on the West Central Missouri UFO flap which occurred in early autumn 2003, where the following craft was sighted (drawing by Brian Adams)

On Saturday night, November 08, 2003, the National UFO Reporting Center began receiving the first of what ultimately would be several reports from the eastern United States of a peculiar, "boomerang"-shaped cluster of lights, which were reported from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York City, and New Jersey. Similar objects were reported from Ontario, Canada, and Colorado Springs, CO, and other peculiar sightings were reported from Maine and Virginia for the same time period. The sighting dates for that date period can be read here.

A witness to a UFO sighting on October 13 in Trenton, OH submitted the drawing below.  Here is the full report.

A witness reports to us that at approximately 20:30 hrs. (EDT) on Wednesday, September 17, 2003, he and his wife were out jogging near their home, approximately 12-14 miles north of downtown Atlanta, GA, when their attention was suddenly drawn by a bizarrely lighted "panel of lights"  in the evening sky. They witnessed the object for only an estimated 3-6 seconds as it silently glided across the night sky. The husband, who prepared the graphic, has 20/10 vision, having undergone laser eye surgery to improve his distant vision. Their full written report can be read here.

The National UFO Reporting Center has received literally hundreds of reports of bizarre looking, triangular objects with white lights at the apices of the triangle, and a rotating red light in the center. We recognize that some of these sightings may be the result of commercial aircraft, but the object sighted over Mt. Gilead, NC, recently we find to be quite interesting. The sighting report can be read here, and to the right is the graphic provided by the witness.

We received this report recently from a gentleman who allegedly experienced a remarkable sighting in Michigan in June 1978, with his wife and step-daughter.  He provided the  graphic below to illustrate his sighting.  His wife's report for the incident can be read here.

The events over St. Clair County, Illinois, on the morning of January 5th, 2000, constitute, in our opinion, one of the most dramatic UFO-related events in recent years. Police officers there reported a large, triangular-shaped craft that apparently was able not only to hover, but to accelerate at unimaginable rates. Moreover, the many witnesses to the object reported that it appeared to be from one, to two, times the length of a football field. It apparently was very large. Some of the witnesses' reports to NUFORC can be read here.

Darryl Barker, an investigator and videographer from Missouri, has done a superb job of investigating that case, and producing a film about it. His work appears to us to be excellent, and we highly recommend that anyone interested in that case purchase his video. A summary of his findings can be seen here.  We congratulate Mr. Barker for his fine work on this case!

On Feb 16, the triangle depicted below was sighted near Kirkland, WA.  Full Report


A totally silent 'Flying Wing' (depicted below) was seen twice within the D.C. Beltway on March 8.  Full report


This craft was sighted over West Seattle on May 1.  Full Report

On Friday evening, January 24, 2003, a witness sighted a large triangular craft near Kingston, Ontario, Canada.   She supplied the following drawings of her sighting.  Her full report can be read here.


The following Image depicts what a witness saw in  Eden, TX, @ 19:00 hrs. on Sunday, January 13, 2003.  Full Report

This Illustration accompanies Sighting Report #27423, from Penang, Malaysia, @ 0045 hrs. on Saturday, February 1st, 2003

On November 1st, A Silent V-shaped aircraft slowly glided over Williamsburg, VA, then disappeared instantly.  Full Report


On Monday morning, October 21, 2002, NUFORC received a telephone call from a television journalist with FOX 23 news in Albany, New York, who apprised us that one of their photographers had captured a very unusual object on tape. In subsequent conversations with the journalist and the station news director, we have learned that a copy of the tape was provided to representatives from the Albany, NY, office of the FBI. We have confirmed with that office that the tape is undergoing analysis.  Here is our full report.

9/29/2002 01:30 -Kingsland, GA : Triangular object reported over elementary school.  Full Report


A disk shaped object and another less distinct object was photographed over Las Cruces, NM. 10-05-02 @4:49 pm.  Full Report

10/14/2002 01:22 -  Silent delta-shaped object seen in Savage, MN against clear October night sky.  Full Report

Click image for larger view:

10/9/2002 22:00 Golden, CO - Several hazy images, seemingly attached solidly in space, in a "V"/Chevron shape.  Full Report

"Can anyone identify this object? We are convinced that this object is not UFO-related, but it is a curiosity. Given that is is from Huntsville, AL, the home of the U. S. Army missile activities and NASA, we suspect that the object may be related to the U. S. space effort, but that is only a guess. It has never been opened by its current owner. For his description of its history, please click here.

NUFORC releases here its preliminary report regarding the unusual death of Mr. Todd Sees in Northumberland County, PA.

The Associated Press has just released a new article on the National UFO Reporting Center.  Read it here.

A new report has been received on the July 23 chevron sighting in California.  The observer is an experienced amateur astronomer who has been working in aerospace engineering for 30 years, and he provides an estimated ground-track for the object(s), as well as an estimate of size and velocity.. Read his detailed report.

On Sunday, August 04, 2002, the National UFO Reporting Center received a telephoned report from Pittston, Maine, apprising our Center that some kind of formation in tall, standing grass had been detected by the owner of the field where it was located. The report was forwarded to Nancy Talbott, Director of BLT Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts, who traveled to the site the next day. We express our gratitude to Nancy Talbott for following up on the report, and for sharing her preliminary findings.

A military jet scramble occurred over Waldorf, MD on July 26.  At least one witness described seeing the jets chasing an anomalous, maneuvering, blue light.  Read our full report here

The National UFO Reporting Center has received a number of interesting reports of an apparently dramatic sighting in the vicinity of Los Angeles, and surrounding areas, at approximately 22:00 hrs. (Pacific) on Tuesday night, July 23, 2002.  The event was so bizarre that we thought we would feature the case here, and provide an illustration provided by a witness in Valencia, CA, who has had considerable experience in aviation.

We call to the attention of the reader the fact that NUFORC received a number of other, seemingly similar, reports from other parts of the U.S. within several days of this event. However, we have no way of knowing whether those events are in any way related to the sighting over California. (Please see our summary of the events in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., and Waldorf, MD, for July 26, 2002, mentioned above.)

To read the eleven reports we have posted, please click here for July reports.

AREA 51/GROOM LAKE REPORT: Although the National UFO Reporting Center does not subscribe to the notion that there is any relationship between the secret Area 51/Groom Lake facility in Nevada and the UFO phenomenon, we nevertheless share this report with our readers. We found it to be of interest, principally because the source is well known to our staff, and because the source has several decades of experience in electrical engineering, communications, and cryptology. Hence, we consider him to be an exceptional authority on the information he reported to our Center. We express our gratitude to the source for sharing the information with us!

The following picture was submitted to accompany a report from Iowa:


June 20 New Hampshire Event Probably Flares

We post this statement, following our posting on June 20, 2002, of a summary statement of the events that occurred over central New Hampshire at approximately 21:20 hrs. on June 18th.

We express our gratitude to the many people who submitted information to the National UFO Reporting Center, following our appeals in the Laconia, NH, "Citizen" and on the Jeff Rense radio program for additional information about the events over Plymouth, NH, on the evening of June 18, 2002.

Based on the several excellent follow-up reports we have received, we suspect that the incident was caused by flares, expelled by either F-16 or A-10 aircraft, possibly from the Vermont Air National Guard. This is a tentative conclusion, but is based on what appears to be reliable information from seemingly capable observers.

Click here for more details

A Cape Girardeau, MO, police officer reports witnessing a large, unlighted, disc-shaped object, which floated across State Route 74 while he was on traffic radar patrol on Saturday night, January 26, 2002. The object's ventral surface was light colored, and it reflected the lights from oncoming vehicles. The object was approximately 50 feet in diameter, the officer estimated, and it was traveling at approximately 30-40 m.p.h., he believed. He had the presence of mind to "shoot" at the object with his hand-held radar unit, but curiously, no return was registered by the instrument. 
More Info :
Officers Written Report

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Senior Border Patrol agent reports witnessing a cluster of discs passing over his patrol vehicle in the California desert at approximately 0530 hrs., Thursday, January 31, 2002. He reported that his patrol dog, a German shepherd began acting strangely, at about the time the officer began hearing a strange "warbling" sound. One disc passed over the top of his vehicle, followed seconds later by a cluster of not fewer than a dozen similar objects, with a "boomerang shaped" object in their midst.
More Info:
Detailed written report

A man recently reported to NUFORC his peculiar experience in Fontana, CA, which occurred when he was a young boy in the mid or late-1930's. He and two young friends were walking home from a local movie theater, when all three of them were suddenly "bathed" by intensely bright light, that was being projected down on them from above. They looked up, but could see nothing but "light." They became frightened, and hid under a nearby orange tree, when the light suddenly became noticeably brighter, much brighter than daylight. The man had peculiar dreams for many years afterward.
More Info:
Detailed written report

On Monday night, January 07, 2002, at approximately 2103 hrs. (Mountain Standard Time), a prominent meteor passed over southeastern New Mexico, where it was visible to observers on the ground for an estimated 2-3 seconds. There was nothing unusual about this event, except for the fact that several observers on the ground reported that they had "heard" the event, concomitant to their visually witnessing it. Given that meteors traditionally are at least 15 miles above ground level, and usually much higher than that, the report raises the question of how such an event could be detected aurally at the same instant that it is visible. The traditional "sonic boom" that often follows such an event should not be detectable at ground level until several minutes following the event.

The two witnesses appeared with Peter Davenport, Director of NUFORC, on the Jeff Rense radio program  on January 8 to describe the event.  Please see for archive availability over the internet.

This is yet another of the many reports of what are currently referred to as "electrophonic" meteors, a phenomenon which has been reported over several centuries, and for which there appears to be no satisfactory explanation. The phenomenon was reported as recently as November 18, 2001, during the dramatic display of the annual Leonid Meteor shower on that date.

Several other dramatic aerial events were reported from other locations in the U. S. on the same date. We will be posting these reports shortly.
More information:
Quicktime movie of meteor from Sandia Skycam
Introduction to electrophonic meteors

Graph of amplitude vs time

A new image of a triangular craft sighted in 1996 in England has been supplied by the witness:

Minnesota MUFON investigators have filed a detailed report on a triangular craft sighted on April 1st:

On November 20, the unusual craft depicted below was sighted near Panama City, FL.  Read the full report

The witness to the Aug. 5 Chicago sighting has supplied this drawing:.

We express our gratitude to Ed in British Columbia for providing us with an explanation for the sightings in Halifax on 8/12 (report 1 report 2). The event was caused by the re-entry of a Russian "Molniya 3" missile booster shell. Photos of the event were captured by Mr. Michael Boschat, a Canadian astronomer with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Halifax Centre, with a Russian "Zenit-B" 35mm still camera.  Ed also apprises us that video footage of the event is being played on Channel 53 in Canada.

At 0847 hrs. (Pacific) on Sunday, August 12,  the National UFO Reporting Center received  reports of a formation of maneuvering lights witnessed by a group of six people attending a wedding reception in downtown Victoria, British Columbia.  Click here for full details.

April 27, 2001 - A witness provided this drawing of a triangular craft sighted near San Diego.  Read the full report here.

March 13, 2001 - The fourth anniversary of the Phoenix lights case saw another impressive sighting, this time over the Pacific northwest.  Observers from Seattle to Vancouver Island, BC reported a brilliant object that exhibited speed and course changes as it sped to the North.  Read our full report.

On Feb 5, Peter Davenport, director of NUFORC, joined Art Bell for his eagerly anticipated return to radio.  Featured were live interviews with four hunters who were camping at a remote site in central Idaho on September 27, 2000 when they witnessed an extremely large triangular craft hover over their campsite, then slowly glide away.  The object was close enough that they were able to hit it with the beam of their flashlight.  For a full report, click here.  

May 13, 2001 - The dimly lit craft to the right was observed over Bangalore India: Click here for a flash animation showing how the craft moved and faded away.  Click here for the witness's full report.

July 31, 2000 : A dramatic fireball seen over Seattle was reported at 9:24 AM.  We are very interested in this event and request that any witness to this event submit a report via our On-line UFO Report Form.  Reports of this event can be accessed from our July Report Index.

During July, 2000, NUFORC received reports from several states of peculiar, pulsing red lights suspended in the night sky.  They were first seen in Gilbert, AZ on July 12  and 13, where a number of witnesses and UFO investigators succeeded in capturing one on video tape.   On July 25, they were again seen in Gilbert, AZ, San Diego, CA and Sturgeon Bay, WI, and were reported on local newscasts.  The most recent sightings came again from Gilbert on July 27 and Aug 4.  Tom King, a well known UFO investigator in the Phoenix area, captured the image to the right.  Scan the July Report Index for individual descriptions of these sightings. 

Friday April 28, 2000 : At approximately 2207 hrs. pacific daylight time, a very bright, fast-moving "fireball" passed from south to north over the Puget Sound area, and then apparently over British Columbia. It was reported to NUFORC by at least eight witnesses. Given the unusual nature of the reports,  NUFORC conducted an investigation to establish whether the "fireball" exhibited characteristics consistent with a typical meteoritic event.  Read our report, which indicates that the object might have been something other than a meteor.

Friday, March 3, 2000 : NUFORC received a report from a federal employee of 2 anomalous objects flying at very high speed over Washington DC.  The witness reported that the objects were maneuvering relative to each other in what seemed to be an unusual fashion, and they covered approx 45 of arc during the 10 seconds she witnessed them.  To see the written report click here.

Feb. 2, 2000, NUFORC has been receiving dozens of reports of clusters of yellow or gold orbs of light from Florida, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, and Illinois.  Some of the more dramatic reports have been submitted from the Prescott / Prescott Valley, AZ, area, and from multiple witnesses in Rockford, IL.  The incidents, which occurred on multiple dates in both locations, have been reported by both print and electronic media.  NUFORC does not know what the source or nature of these objects is, but we welcome reports from anyone who may have witnessed such an occurrence anywhere in the world.  Multiple reports are listed in our database for February 2000.

January 5, 2000 - One of the most dramatic cases of 2000 occurred when multiple police officers witnessed a large triangular craft over St. Clair county, Illinois.  Read our report, and take a look at drawings supplied by witnesses.   Also available are transcripts of witness interviews conducted by National Institute of Discovery Science investigators, and one officer's official report.

November 16, 1999 - At approximately 1904 hrs. (Eastern Time), a dramatic cluster of brightly luminous objects passed from west to east over the northern United States and eastern 
Canada.  Read our summary of the event, including an exploration of a possible explanation for the occurrence.

October 26, 1999 - The crews of 2 commercial aircraft reported an anomalous object in their vicinity over the southern US at 37,000 ft.  The witnesses reported the object to be a seemingly very large triangular shaped craft with extremely bright lights.  It executed a turn to the east, moved ahead of the aircraft, and 
faded from the crews' sight. 

August 15, 1999 - A dramatic bluish-white ball of light was seen by observers over northern New Mexico.  Witnesses described it to be the apparent diameter of the full moon , and said it lit up the ground like daylight.  Thanks to Dr. Richard Spalding of Sandia Ntl. Laboratories and a team of volunteers across the U.S. who run skycams, you can view images and video online.

3/13/99 - March 13, 1999 marked the second anniversary of the now famous Phoenix Lights UFO case.  Read the highlights of 2 years of investigation.
3/11/99 - A commercial flight crew reports being burned by  “surge of green light”.
2/25/99 - 14 forestry workers observed an elk being lifted off the ground and carried away by a disk shaped object in Washington state.
9/28/98  - A witness has provided a detailed description and graphic of his sighting of a green sperical UFO in California. *
4/22/98  - Blue-green objects over Washington state
11/14/97  - Multiple objects streak over Pacific Northwest
10/5/97  - Daily Summary
10/4/97  - Daily Summary
10/3/97  - Daily Summary
10/2/97  - Daily Summary
10/1/97  - Daily Summary
9/30/97  - Daily Summary
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7/4/97 - Hundreds report object over Illinois and Mo.
6/17/97 - Objects sighted through a telescope against moon. *
5/5/97 - Large object seen over Texas.
3/13/97 - Mass sightings of UFO's over Arizona.
3/13/97 - Transcript of a military caller describing the intercept of a very large craft by two U. S. Air Force McDonnell-Douglas F-15c fighters during the famous Phoenix Lights incident.
Testimony from a California air traffic controller
11/96 - Australian Wave
10/3/96 - Mass sightings in NM and CA
7/3/96 - N. Dakota Close Encounter Witness Interview
11/17/95 - FAA / Pilot Communications Transcript
3/28/95 - Southern Alaska
3/17/95 - Flint, MI
3/15/95 - Ides of March Sightings
3/1/95 - Sedalia, MO *
2/22/95 - Portland OR / Seattle WA
2/16/95 - Kalamazoo / PawPaw, MI
2/7/95 - Quilcene, WA
2/6/95  - Nine Mile Falls, WA
2/6/95 - Bloomington, IL
2/2/95 - Denmark, WI / Traverse City, MI
1/15/95 McKinleyville, CA
1/7/95 - McMinnville, TN
1/7/95 - Warm Beach, WA *
12/29/94 - La Crosse, WA *
Aug 1973 - Special report * - investigated by the Lunascan project.

* indicates photo or graphic