National UFO Reporting Center 
Objects Sighted Against Moon
June 17, 1997


The following report was provided by Joe Pitonzo.  It has been forwarded to the  Lunascan Project , which studies and catalogs lunar transient ohenomena such as this.

I am writing you as per our phone conversation to report an observation of
events and objects I observed on 6/17/97 at approximately 9:30 PM as I
observed the moon through an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. I was using a
7.5mm eyepiece with a 2X Barlow at the time of the observation.

I am located in Phoenix AZ at approximately 33degs 18 min N Lat. and 112deg
2min W Long.  The Moon was located approxamatly at -15deg from my location in a S-SE
direction. It was not quite full (3-4 days till full)

I observed 4 objects at 11 o'clock in relationship to the inverted image of
the moon. They were in motion, speed unknown but very fast I would
estimate. The course of travel (as opposed to trajectory) was from 11 to 4
o'clock in the reverse orientation in the scope. They appeared perfectly
spherical with a backlighting refelected from the lunar glow at about 11
o'clock on the spheres. I would estimate that they were located in such a
place as to not be front lite by the sun and not close enough to cast a
lunar shadow. As they travelled they changed order or formation repeatedly if a group of teenagers in a mall, had decided to get a pop at the
other end of the mall and were hurrying as a group but without a
formation..weaving about one another. The back lighting from the moon
remained consitent as did there apparent spherical shape. As a group there
were 2 perhaps 3 "course" changes. Formation was random as was the distance
to each other in the "close" grouping. The only time I stopped observing
them in the 1 to 1.5 min observation was to blink several times. I have
enclosed a simulation picture which demonstrates the event :