National UFO Reporting Center  
Sightings in Texas
Monday, May 5, 1997


The National UFO Reporting Center has received three telephone reports of an apparently very large object seen in rapid sequence over Austin and Dallas, Texas.  Following is a summary of this information.  This report is subject to revision as further information becomes available.

At 1853 hrs. (PDT), a report was received over the UFO Hotline from a man
who resides in Round Rock, Texas, which is approximately 30-40 miles due
north of Austin.

He reported that he had walked out of his garage at approximately 2045 hrs.
(CDT) on Monday night, May 05, 1997, when his attention was drawn to a very
peculiar cluster of lights directly overhead.  The lights were of varying
size, brightness, and color, and they were oriented in a straight line from
the callerís vantage point.  He reported that the formation was visible to
him for approximately 5-10 seconds, during which time they moved in a steady
procession to the northeast.

He further reported that it appeared to be at least five lights, perhaps
more, and the two lights at the "nose" and the "tail" of the cluster were
very bright, and the three (?) lights between the two outer lights were
smaller and less intense.

The object flew directly overhead, moving in a northeasterly direction.

The next call received by the Hotline came in at 1914 hrs. (PDT) from Flower
Mound, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  Two young women were out walking, deeply
engrossed in conversation, when the attention of one of the two was drawn to
a strange cluster of lights overhead.  What they witnessed at about 2050
hrs. (CDT), caused them to hug one another out of shock and alarm.

They reported seeing a very large cluster of at least 5-7 individual lights
overhead, oriented in a slightly curving line, "like a gigantic pencil,
tipped up at an angle."  They reported that the size of the cluster seemed
"huge" to them, and it moved across the sky at a steady procession.

Suddenly, the lights got very much brighter, then dimmed, and they then
simply disappeared from their view.  That was the last they saw of the object.

They were walking, they believe, due north, and the object was directly
ahead of them while they were watching it for 1-2 minutes.

Directorís Note:  If the object the two women observed was the same object
that had just been observed in Round Rock, Texas, then it had covered
approximately some 200 miles in approximately 2-5 minutes!  No sonic booms
were reported, and all witnesses reported that the object was absolutely
silentÖno sound was detectable at ground level at all.

The third call arrived at the UFO Center at 1950 hrs. (PDT).  A man called
from Lancaster, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, to report that he had just
witnessed the most bizarre sight he has ever seen in his life.

(The third witness is a member of a major astronomical group in the Dallas
area, and is quite familiar with celestial objects and phenomena in the
night sky...)

He reported that he was standing outside, when his attention was drawn to
eight lights in the sky, which were oriented in an almost straight line.  He
said it appeared to be the shape "of a big wing," and the formation he
estimated to be "huge."  He said he thought the formation was as large as
"ten airplanes lined up (nose to tail), bigger than two football fields."

From the observerís vantage point, the object was in the northern sky, and
it appeared to fly off to the north before he lost sight of it.

This report was prepared by Peter B. Davenport, Director of the National
UFO Reporting Center, located in Seattle, Washington.

Posted at 2050 hrs. (PDT) on Monday, May 5, 1997