National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Australian Sightings
November 1996

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The National UFO Reporting Center ("NUFORC") has received recent reports from two sources in Australia regarding rather dramatic sightings "Down Under" during the last week of November 1996. The several sightings that reportedly have occurred in Australia are listed below. They have been provided to us by both the Australian National UFO Hotline, as well as by Mrs. Glennys Mackay, head of Queensland UFO Network ("QUFON"), who organized, and served as hostess for, the Brisbane UFO Conference in October 1996.

1) CANBERRA / 2230 hrs. / 25NO96--Multiple callers report a number of intense bright orange fireball lights travelling fast over Canberra. When last seen, the lights were headed to the northwest;

2) ADELAIDE / 0125 hrs. / 25NO96--Multiple callers report sighting a number of "soft white balls of light" coursing to the east, then changing direction to the west. They were seen to change direction again, and sped off in a northwesterly direction;

3) PERTH / 1725 hrs. / 24NO96--Callers reported seeing a large bright, cigar-shaped object travelling from the north to south. The objects apparent length was 1 inch held at arm's length; its apparent width was 1/8th of an inch at arm's length. Investigators apparently checked to see whether a well known blimp was in the air at the time, and discovered that it is nowhere near Perth.

4) ALICE SPRINGS / 2315 hrs. / 25NO96--Many witnesses, including the entire local police force, witness at least four intense bright-orange "fireball" type lights over the city, before the objects headed off in a westerly direction. At least 10 (still?) photographs were taken of the objects, and one of the police officers succeeded in getting the object on video film.

As a follow up to the Alice Springs sightings, NUFORC received an e-message from Glennys Mackay, in which she describes certain "sequelae" to the events there. Apparently, the PINE GAP facility, operated jointly (?) by the U. S. and Australian military communities, was informed of the sightings. The response from that facility was that the objects were weather balloons.

On 27NO96, multiple sightings of objects were reported again, but they appeared different from the objects seen the day before, and they did not move rapidly in the sky. One of the police officers who had seen the bright orange objects on November 26, dispatched two police vehicle to investigate.

His officers discovered two men filling plastic bags with gas, and releasing them. Moreover, apparently the two men were accompanied by a car, driven by another person. When the officers first asked the men questions regarding what they were doing, they were hesitant to volunteer any information. When the officers suggested that they were prepared to arrest the men, they then admitted that they were attached to the PINE GAP facility!

Our gratitude to Ross Dowe, of the Australian National UFO Hotline, and Mrs Glennys Mackay, of the Queensland UFO Network, for the information contained in this summary!