National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Flint, MI
February 19, March 17, March 23, l995

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On the evening of Friday, March 17, the Hotline received a message from an FAA air traffic controller in the vicinity of Flint, MI. During a conversation the next day, the controller reported that he, together with four other controllers, had been witness on the previous evening to a second remarkable sighting of strange objects in the vicinity of their tower. They witnessed four bright red, pulsating objects hovering in the night sky, the nearest of which was located within four miles of their tower, and initially at an altitude of 4000 feet.. The controller reported that it looked somewhat like a "red road flare," although it pulsated at regular intervals. Moreover, at each pulsation, when the radiated light subsided somewhat, some sort of object appeared to be marginally visible in the "cloud" of red light, and it was a different shape after each pulse! At one point, the object appeared to look like a "spider web."

The controller reported that one member of the group flashed the tower's light "gun" at the nearest of the four objects, at which point the it instantly returned to the shape and size of a small "fireball," and began darting and zigzagging in the evening sky!! None of the objects appeared on the radar screen in the tower,

After approximately 15 minutes, the four objects began to drift toward the south, at which point the controllers first became aware of a cluster of objects, similar in appearance, farther to the south, perhaps as far away to the south as Ohio.

The controller closed the conversation by volunteering that he had called the Hotline, in part because the March 17 sighting had not been their first... On Sunday, February 19, several of the controllers had been witness to a similar sighting, during which the object was visible on radar. Although it did not transmit a transponder signal in response to the radar beam, it did reflect the signal, giving rise to "skin paint," a term used in the trade for a reflected radar signal without an accompanying transponder signal.

On March 23, the Hotline took yet another call from the same group of controllers, reporting still another sighting from their tower, beginning at 2225 hrs. local time. During this third sighting, even the tower supervisors were witness to the object.