National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Sedalia, MO
March 01, 1995

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This case, reported to us on March 03, we feature for several reasons. First, it was reported by a very sincere and responsible-sounding woman from Sedalia, who reported that not only she, but her neighbor, as well, had witnessed the object hovering over her farm for approximately 5 minutes. Moreover, she is a professional artist, and she reported that while the object hovered over her farm at a distance from her of not more than an 1/8 mile, she attempted consciously to “take in,?and commit to memory, specific detail she observed on the object in order to be able to draw the item at a later date. (Please see drawing below.)

At 1516 hrs. on March 3, the Hotline received a telephone call from Mrs. Jean Berry, who graciously has consented to have her name used here. Mrs. Berry called to report a most remarkable sighting of a cigar-shaped object, that had hovered over her property for approximately 5 minutes.

When she first spotted the object, it appeared to her to be nothing more than an intensely bright white light, with a very faint yellow tinge to it. At first, she was merely intrigued by its bizarre appearance, and she walked out on the second-story porch to observe the object more closely with binoculars. Initially, she estimated the distance of the object from her house at less than 1/4 mile; when she later paced off the distance to where she thought the object had been hovering, the distance was approximately 1/8th mile, roughly twice the length of a football field.

Mrs. Berry’s first full view of the object was from its right side. She reported that it appeared to have “windows?along its side, and it seemed to her that it was somehow “surveying,?her land. She further noted that “there was no motor sound,?but that it did give off a faint hum, she thought.

“Cigar?reported near Sedalia, MO, March 01, 1995. (Drawing by Mrs. Jean Berry.)

After a short period of time, the object appeared to turn toward her and begin to approach her house, which alarmed her, and caused her to re-enter the house. At this point, she was better able to estimate the size of the craft, which she described as “bigger than a blimp.?

After what Mrs. Berry estimated to be approximately five minutes of hovering and slow drifting over her land, the object began to move to the southwest, and began to rise in the evening sky. Shortly after it began to move, it quickly disappeared from sight.

The observer telephoned her neighbor on the evening of the sighting to inquire whether he had rolex replica sale seen anything. He reported only that he had been witness to a peculiar bright light, and that when he was driving home earlier in the evening, he had seen a strange shaft of light sweep across the road just ahead of his vehicle!

A point of interest in this case is that approximately 15 years earlier, Mrs. Berry had been witness to another sighting in that area of Missouri. She witnessed a black sphere, which replica watches uk appeared to have “tentacles?extending out from it. At one point during this earlier sighting, she pursued the object in her car, attempting to get a closer look at it. She prepared a water color painting of the object for Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was involved in the investigation of the sighting report.

(Note: See below for more reports from the State of Missouri. Also, the reader is invited to read in the June and July issues of the Sighting Report about the dramatic sightings rolex replica sale in southwest Iowa, Adair County, on June 19, l995, and in Cameron, MO, located approximately 100 miles south, two days later. In addition, on July 11, we received from a military officer a relayed report of 5 ships seen hovering over an empty field in central Missouri. These three cases currently are under active investigation, and we will let our readers know the outcome of the findings.)