National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Quilcene, WA
February 07, 1995

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An employee at the U. S. Navy Bangor Submarine facility on Hood Canal was driving north along U.S. 101 on his way to work. At approximately 0515 hrs., he noticed a "yellow white" light to the west, somewhere in the vicinity, he thought, of Mt. Walker, located to the west of the highway. While the observer watched the object, which he describes in his written report as "not fit(ting) as a was too large," it appeared to dip down below and behind the mountain.

Approximately ten miles north, as he was leaving the town of Quilcene, the observer saw three similar, strange lights, one to the west of his location, one to the east, and "one" to the north. As he watched the "one" to the north, it appeared to approach his location at high speed. When it got closer, the observer realized that it was, in fact, three separate lights, orientated in a triangular pattern. The "lead" light was the largest of the three, with two smaller lights trailing behind the largest, and off to the sides of it.

The "triangle" veered to the east and flew in the general direction of the light the observer had first seen in the east. He continued driving to the north, hoping and expecting to be able to see the lights again, but by the time he had reached Rte. 104, where he turned east, none of the lights were visible.

The observer reported the sighting to a reporter at The Seattle Times, but no article was written.