National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Denmark, WI / Traverse City, MI
February 02, 1995

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These two sighting reports are presented together because they occurred contemporaneously in the same general area of the U.S., and it appears that they may be related. Both reports came from sources who seemed to be both sincere and serious-minded. In addition, both reports were accompanied by a certain degree of emotion, which we know from experience on the Hotline, is one of several signs indicating high reliability of a report, and the report from Michigan was seemingly further corroborated by a report from a former NASA employee, who resides in Traverse City, MI.

On Friday morning, February 03, at 0605 hrs., the Hotline received a call from a young mother in Denmark, WI, who described multiple sightings of (perhaps) two different types of bizarre ships. The ships were observed by her and her two sons as the objects alternately streaked across and hovered in the night sky. The woman who called reported that she and her sons had first spotted the objects in the vicinity of Denmark, WI, and then a short period later, from near their home in Mirabel, WI. The craft were described as "blue and cone-shaped," and they exhibited a red radiance in the vicinity of their nose (or leading edge), and a green hue radiated from their tails (or trailing edge). (On several occasions, strange-looking craft have been reported to the Hotline which were similar in description.)

The caller reported that, on at least one occasion, she witnessed one of the objects streak down at an astonishing velocity--she compared it to the (angular) velocity of a "shooting star"--and it abruptly stopped and hovered just above the ground at an estimated distance from her of several hundred meters. After a brief period, the hovering object shot straight up into the night sky and disappeared from sight within seconds.

The witness further reported that during the last 30 minutes of the approximately 75-minute sighting, the objects streaking overhead were apparently pursued (or accompanied?) by 4-6 (estimated) jet-type aircraft, flying at high speed. Also, the woman reported the sighting to the local county sheriff's office, although apparently no other calls had been received at that time. Approximately four hours after we had received the report above, we received a telephone call from a young mother in Traverse City, MI, who reported that at approximately 2010 hrs. (local) on the prior evening, her two teen-age sons, together with their two younger sledding companions, had burst into her house and, amid a great deal of emotion, began to describe "the flying saucer" that had streaked out of the night sky and hovered just above them, making a "sound like a microwave."

When the mother asked them to describe its (apparent) size, they reportedly held their arms above their heads, indicating a large angle, and suggesting that the object must have been very large, and/or relatively close to them. Furthermore, the mother volunteered that her sons were quite familiar with various types of aircraft, particularly military aircraft (including helicopters), and all of the children insisted that what they had witnessed was nothing like any traditional aircraft they were familiar with. .

The children went on to describe how the object above them had "bathed them in white light," after which they observed it hovering above the ground at some distance from them. The object then streaked off first to the west, and then to the south, quickly disappearing from view.

During this first call from the mother, the individual at the Center delicately explored whether the children had experienced any marks on their bodies, any unusual physical or emotional sensations, or any other effect, that might be indicative or suggestive of any kind of interaction between the children and the object. The mother responded that there was nothing of that kind had been reported by them, or noticed by the her.

Approximately 25 minutes after termination of the first call with the mother, she telephoned the Hotline a second time to recount several aspects of the case, which she had failed to mention during the first call. She volunteered that some of the questions posed to her during the first telephone conversation regarding the children's physical and emotional welfare had caused her to remember a few things that the children had mentioned the previous night, but which she had not associated with their experience.

She went on to describe that the youngest of the group of four children, a 10-year old girl, was the first to return to the house at approximately 2010 hours (local). Several minutes later, the three older youngsters, all teenage boys, ran into the house, essentially repeating the story about the "flying saucer" they had seen that the young girl, amid tears, had been recounting to the mother. The mother enquired of her sons why "they had been so slow," since, from experience, she knew that it was the boys, among this group of frequent playmates, who invariably arrived home ahead of the young girl. She added that her sons were rather competitive in nature, and if it were left up to them, they would never "lose" to a girl in a foot race. (Ed.: The sledding hill is located approximately 500 meters from the family home.)

Her sons reported that they had been delayed because they had had to take time to put their clothes back on (!!!). They volunteered that they had found themselves sitting on their sled in their underwear, with their clothes neatly stacked beside them on the snow, and they had to put them back on before they could start racing home. Interestingly, the mother had placed no particular significance on this (seemingly) unusual behavior, since, she explained, her boys were rather adventuresome, even reckless, and sledding in their underwear at 20 degrees Fahrenheit on a high, exposed hill in upper Michigan in the depth of winter would not be unusual for them.

The mother further volunteered during her second call that she was rather convinced that something unusual had happened on that sledding hill, since her sons never stacked their clothes neatly under any circumstance. Since the children apparently had found their clothes in that neat condition, it suggested to the mother that something very out of the ordinary had occurred on that sledding hill.

Also, on the evening of February 02, 1995, the Hotline received a call from the U. S. Air Force Recovery Co-ordination Center ("AFRCC"), located at Langley Air Force Base in Langley, VA, regarding a telephone report they had received from a resident of Traverse City, MI. The report was of a large, white, and very strange light that descended to ground level in the general vicinity of the sledding hill. At the time of the call, the caller apparently knew nothing about the children's claims regarding their experience. In fact, when the Hotline finally talked with the caller, a former NASA employee retired and residing in the Traverse City area, he apparently was still unaware of the suspected interaction between the object and the children.