National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
Warm Beach, WA
January 07, l995

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On Saturday, January 07, l995, two women had spent the day photographing quilts north of Seattle, arriving back at their home in Warm Beach, WA, late that evening. As one of the women was unloading her camera equipment from the car, both women suddenly became aware of a very bright light passing overhead at a relatively fast rate. The photographer quickly grabbed a 35-millimeter camera and snapped the (color) photograph that appears below(in B & W). The original print is more dramatic than the rendition here, but even the B & W version will provide the reader with a fairly good idea of the event.

The color photograph, apparently taken at high speed, shows two parallel, pulsed streaks of light curving across the field of view of the camera and descending into an evergreen forest, which is brightly illuminated.