National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
April 15, 2004 - Strange Object Sighted Outside Window

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At approximately 6:00a.m., I witnessed an odd, oval, slightly glowing object (12" or so) move in a zig-zag pattern and at extreme speed.

At approximately 6:00a.m. today, I awoke to take our dog for her early morning constitutional. Everyone in the house knows I have a thing for looking out of the windows when I first wake up, maybe to make certain the World is still here...anyway, I walked across the living room and looked out of the window behind the love seat.

At first, I thought it was a bird...but, I realized that birds don't glow. Then I looked more closely at the shape...kind of oval, but more like when you cup your hands and put them together, and roughly twice that size...the difference being that where your fingertips would come together, there was a dark wedge shape dividing the 2 halves, but only half way down. I didn't see any head, or tail, nor feet...just this shape. And the glowing was a muted glow, not bright, and the color was somewhere between a light grey and white. And it was pulsating, but only slightly.

The next thing I know, one of the stray kittens we feed came bounding around the corner of the house and pounced at it...that is when I became absolutely certain it was not a bird. It moved so fast, from a completely stationary position, faster than anything I have ever seen move, at least in person and not on the big screen...

The pattern of its movement was a sloppy zig-zag, and it moved at about the height of the cat's head...maybe 10 inches off the ground. After about 2 zigs and one zag, all the while staying ahead of the cat, they both disappeared around the corner of another house...

Again, as it moved, there was no wings...and nothing that could have been a retained its "cupped hands" shape the entire time. I went to see if I could find any trace of it, and there was nothing.