National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
November 27, 2003 - LAX

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Email from witness:

I submitted a report of a sighting from Thanksgiving, 18:24 PST, but I did not phone your HOTLINE. Since then, I have put some time into creating some illustrations, including an animated gif and "snapshot in time" of the LAX airspace as it actually appeared during the time of my sighting. Due to the nature of the event ( an anomalous craft crossing over the approach path to LAX), I decided to search the net for a map of the regulated airspace in L.A and stumbled upon a website which not only displays a real time, interactive "skymap" showing the air-traffic over the basin, but records this activity for replay! I was able to enter the time and date of this event ( it had only been 24 hours earlier ) and watch it many times. I captured and saved a lot of images, and have included one image on which I have drawn the flight path of the object in question, among other facts.

I spent some time selecting individual aircraft and looking at the data displayed for each ( you will see it on the right ). There was only one plane which was on the same trajectory at the time, but it turned south before ever reaching my vantage point. Also, it was a private plane flying at 600-800 feet.

I am hoping this data can be helpful to you in the event that someone else both observed and reported this object to you. I am including my original web-report, below. It turns out that I was a little off on the moon's position at the time. That data is displayed in the animation, which I superimposed over a sky map showing the moon's exact position in relation my vantage point at the exact time of the sighting.

I am an amateur astronomer, by the way- very amateur. We have a 9 1/4 inch ( aperture) Schmitt-Cassagrain telescope with a clock drive I installed- so I can at least say with some confidence that Venus had nothing to do with this experience ( having "set" about 45 minutes earlier, and staying responsibly clear of LAX airspace!).

I hope this is of some value to your collection.