National UFO Reporting Center Case Brief
August 12, 2001

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At 0847 hrs. (Pacific) on Sunday, August 12, 2001, the National UFO Reporting Center received the first of what would become several reports of a formation of maneuvering lights, which reportedly were witnessed by a group of six people attending a wedding reception in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, at approximately 0015 hrs. on the same date.

The first witness, a college-educated male, reported that the group had witnessed a rather dramatic meteor a few minutes earlier, which had caused their attention to be drawn to the night sky. They were hoping to witness another. Some minutes later, the attention of the group of was captured by a cluster of 6-7 lights in the southern sky, each of which appeared to be approximately twice the size and brightness of a bright star, and all of which were moving across the sky in a "nose-to-tale" formation. Shortly after the lights had first been spotted, the formation suddenly executed a "clockwise" turn, and formed a large, stationary circle of lights in the sky. The formation was described variably by the witnesses as either "hexagonal" or "square," and it remained motionless for at least several seconds. The lights then appeared to flare up individually, after which each of them sequentially appeared to ascend and disappear from sight of the witnesses.

At least one of the witnesses said he believed that the objects were not self-luminous, but rather reflected bright lights from the ground. The other witnesses with whom we have spoken have stated that they thought the objects were self-luminous. One of the witnesses was a professional wedding videographer, who began video taping the lights immediately after they had formed a circle and stopped in the sky. In a telephone conversation, he reported that the objects are not visible on the tape. He surmises that they simply were not bright enough to be detected by the camcorder he was using, which was not compatible with low-light conditions.

The incident is now under investigation by members of the UFO*BC group, based in Vancouver, B.C.. We would welcome reports from anyone else who may have been witness to the incident. The witnesses to this incident probably will be guests during the Jeff Rense radio program on Tuesday evening, August 14, 2001. Please see for program and broadcast details.

Individual reports can be seen here: Report1  Report 2

Prepared by Peter B. Davenport, Director at 1815 hrs. (PDT), Sunday,

August 12, 2001.